The p2eAll guild community has been opened.

A guild is a community of WEB 3.0 gamers who have come together for a specific reason. It is a communication channel where you can share various information.

There are a lot of exclusive activities that can be conducted by all guild members.

We’d like to introduce you to the guild community. which is equipped with various functions including the point system.

p2eAll Guild Community

Guild Community Main Page (PC ver)

I. Guild Community Point System

p2eAll is a platform for the active participation of users in the guild.

We have introduced our own point system that can be used.

※ Points are accumulated according to the policy, and additional points can be earned through guild daily quests.

The points earned can be used to participate in p2eAll events, and we are also planning a huge event for users who have earned a lot of points through the ranking system, so we hope you are interested.

※ Points are operated according to the guild point policy and system, please refer to the operating policy.

Guild Community Home Example Image
Daily Quest example image

👀 Don’t forget to complete the Daily Quest🙂

You can even earn extra points by completing Daily Quests!

Or, if you have a good idea💡 for a daily quest that you want to do with p2eAll users, please share it with us! We would be delighted to hear from you!

Guild Membership example image

II. Board and user communication channel

(News, Strategy & Tips, Community, Scholar Board, etc.)

We have organized various categories within the guild so that users can use them conveniently.

Main page of the Guild is not only shows the latest info of the project such as news, videos, postings, etc.

The issue for this week can be found on the board.

Guild Home Image
Guild detailed category example image

p2eAll created a communication board so that you can easily interact with other players. We’re working on a few other features to encourage active participation and will announce them soon.

Let’s now look at how to apply for and join a guild.

How to apply and join a Guild

To join the p2eAll guild,

Guild Request → Guild Opening → Guild Joining is required.

Apply for a project guild you are interested in and enjoy it with other users.

Guild requests are available for various p2eAll projects as shown below.

Guild Request Example Image
Example image of guild request status in My page

You can check the status of the guild you have applied for in “My Page – My Guild”.

The opening of the guild is carried out according to the p2eAll operating policy, and details will be released later.

So far, we have learned about guild community features and how to apply and join.

p2eAll is doing its best to provide better service to users by adding various features and events.

We are working hard to become the best blockchain comprehensive information platform with new features and various events, so please keep an eye out for it.

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