p2eAll FAQ

About p2eAll?

Blockchain game comprehensive platform p2eAll is a hub for blockchain game projects and gamers around the world.

Every month, 250,000 users access p2eAll to explore blockchain game information, and dozens of blockchain game projects are looking for p2eAll to acquire WEB 3.0 game players.

200,000 of WEB 3.0 game players around the world have linked their email accounts and WEB 3.0 wallet addresses to p2eAll. Since p2eAll launched its social account login and WEB 3.0 wallet connection service in September 2022, it has been adding about 100,000+ new WEB 3.0 users per quarter.

p2eAll has conducted various campaigns to connect global WEB 3.0 game players with excellent blockchain game projects.

It is positioning itself in the blockchain industry as an essential platform for the global WEB 3.0.

Features of p2eAll

Open community of Web 3.0 users and gamers (200,000 global users)

A platform that introduces various services of blockchain projects (about 2,000 projects)

A hub that connects Gamers and projects to activate the WEB 3.0 game ecosystem

How to sign up as a member

p2eAll introduces an email and SNS simple sign-up system, so anyone can easily sign up as a member if they have Gmail and SNS (Facebook and Twitter).

p2eAll has added a wallet address interlocking function for real user authentication, and connected wallets will be expanded in the future..

What can you do on p2eAll?

Information search

– At p2eAll, you can find global blockchain projects. Find information about various projects you are interested in, such as project rankings, communities, and white papers.

Calendar search

– The calendar introduces official schedules including events of blockchain projects. Don’t miss the schedule of the project.

Participate in the event (Airdrops)

– p2eAll is host a project and its own event through its own airdrop function. Don’t forget to check the news announced in the p2eAll community.

<The details>

Implementation of airdrop event function that can proceed directly on the platform

Composition of various events and friendly missions for WEB 3.0 users


-In p2eAll, users can enjoy various benefits before launching the game through advance reservation. Receive various products such as game items through advance reservations for projects you are interested in.

Guild community

– Users can communicate with global users about the project through the p2eAll guild, and can participate in various events by earning points through daily quests.

<The details>

Composed of News, Strategy & Tips, Free Board, and Scholar Board

Upload various types of content, such as news and videos

p2eAll Community Points

p2eAll points?

– p2eAll introduced its own point system to enable users to enjoy and be active on the platform.

How can I collect points?

Points can be earned through guild activities (comments, likes, postings, etc.), and additional points can be earned through daily quests. See the blog for details

KR : https://blog.p2eall.com/ko-p2e-community/5246/

EN : https://blog.p2eall.com/en-p2e-community/5250/

Where is the usage?

– p2eAll points can be used to participate in various events within the platform, and events for this are currently being planned and prepared. Details on where to use the points will be announced soon, so please look forward to it.

Daily Quest

Daily quests are quests performed by the guild community and are a system that allows you to earn additional points than normal points. Earn extra points while enjoying the game with Daily Quests.

Daily Quests may be different for each Guild.

So far, we have summarized the things we have been curious about about p2eAll.

In addition, if you have any questions about the features and details of p2eAll, please feel free to contact us via Telegram DM.

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