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Marblex, the market leader in blockchain gaming, has launched its first rainbow collection of membership NFT called “Marblership.”

A total of 5,600 Marblership have been issued and are being distribution through INOs. ecosystem participants, and various community event, and are gaining popularity among users due to the special and divers features they will provide to Mabblership NFT holders.

We believe that Marblership are an excellent item for providing users who hold them as membership NFT with a greater sense of ownership of the service, as well as encouraging them to participate more actively in the Marblex ecosystem and increase their loyalty.

[All sold out due to a hot INO sale].

Marblership has been successful in all 4 of Initial NFT Offering(INO) revealing a variety of features via the community and roadmap.

NFT collectors were eager to get their hands on the Marblex Rainbow Collection, and all 4 INO available through Playone for MBX sold out in less than 10 minutes.

All 4 INO sales were free, with prices on the marketplace reaching up to $800, making the Marblership INO sale a complete success.

Marblex is developing innovative services through various blockchain games and the MBX 3.0 universe, and we believe that by leveraging this Marblex NFT membership service, we will future develop and strengthen the ecosystem.

[Marblership Special Utility and Benefit]

1. NFT Staking (Stake to Earn)

In my opinion, this is the most important function of the Marblership.

You can use the staking service to deposit Marblership NFT and earn MBX tokens as a reward.

The MBX reward for general and special tiers differ, and you can earn more MBX tokens by leveling up and boosting NFTs.

This NFT staking utility, we believe that it will improve the value appreciation and sustainability of Marblership NFT.

2. More than 8 additional benefits available only to Marblership Holders

Aside from the staking benefits, Marblership holders receive over 8 other fantastic benefits.

  • Holders have access to an exclusive Discord channel (with dedicated customer service)
  • Coupons are available in-game
  • Whitelists of offline events
  • Exclusive Marblership event (airdrop, etc.)
  • Whitelist of MBX Universe NFT
  • Private AMA gathering for Marblsership Holders only

Many more blockchain games will be added to Marbles in the future!

If you have always wanted to be part of Marblex’s games and ecosystem, why not own Marblership NFT and gain access to variety of special benefits?

๐ŸŒShortcut : MBX Marketplace – Marblership Rainbow Collection

[NFT Staking Service]

Staking refers to the ability to stake an asset (token or NFT) on a blockchain network and receive rewards for holding it for a specified period of time.

Marblex launched the staking service on March 27th to coincide with the release of the Marblership NFT.

You can hold NFT in your Marblex wallet and earn rewards through the staking feature, which we provide on two different platforms.

Mining, which involves setting a staking period and receiving rewards based on that period, and seasonal staking, which involves setting a starting period and receiving rewards, similar to snapshots and airdrops.

๐ŸŒShortcut : MBX NFT Staking Service

[Difference between Marblership NFT Staking Service and Other]

1.The NFT Leveling Up System

Marblership Staking introduces an innovative leveling system, similar to that of an RPG game.

The amount of MBX awarded for each level of NFT is predetermined, and once the expereinece level reaches 100%, you can advance to the next level.

There are a total 7 tiers, and you can advance to the next tier (level up) once you have received all of the rewards assigned to each tier.

General Tier

  • Total reward for reaching level 7 : compensate 849.49 MBX
  • The fee for upgrading to Level 7 : compensate 457.047 MBX

Special Tier

  • Total reward for reaching level 7 : compensate 1,353.88 MBX
  • The fee for upgrading to Level 7 : compensate 628.47 MBX

Marblership is divided into General Tier NFTs and Special Tier NFTs, and the MBX token rewards differ. (See the table above.)

2. NFT Staking Boosting

The default APR for Marblership NFT Staking is 100%, and the amount of MBX compensated is determined by the NFT’s rating and level.

MBX Staking, unlike other NFT staking services, has a unique utility~!

It’s Boosting function!

You can earn rewards faster by staking Marblership NFT and boosting them with additional MBX tokens.

MBX ํ† ํฐ์„ ์ถ”๊ฐ€ํ•˜์—ฌ ๋ถ€์ŠคํŒ…ํ•œ ํ™”๋ฉด

I own one Green Marblership NFT, so after staking it, I boosted it with 121 MBX to begin mining.

At level 1, 28 MBX tokens can be mined, and after 28 minutes, mining can be upgraded to the next level.

NFT staking officially launched on March 27th at 12pm.

Marblership holders have eagerly awaited it and are quickly mining through the boosting function, with the highest boosted user currently having an APR of 357,242%…

It looks like this person have a lot of MBX tokens. (I’m envious..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

While general NFT staking rewards you with a set amount, I think Marblex staking service is a different and cool service that allows you to get more rewards through the level-up function and boosting function.

[Howt to Staking Marblex NFT]

๐ŸŒShortcut : MBX NFT Staking

Only mining mode is currently available, and we will use Marblership to demonstrate how staking works ( we expect the method to be the same for other collections).

1. Wallet Connect

Click “Connect” in the top right corner of the MBX NFT staking site to connect with the MARBLEX wallet that holds your NFTs.

2. NFT Staking

Once your wallet is connected, go to the List item and select the NFT collection you want to stake, then click the Staking button.

Click the NFT Stake option.

For the transaction, an authorization popup will appear (staking). Click the Approve option.

Please enter your wallet password (Enter your Marblex wallet password)

If the transaction is successfully authorized, a popup like the one above will appear. Please press the Close button to close it.

Select the NFT you want to stake. I chose to stake one of my Green Marbleships.

You will be asked to enter your trading password once again to confirm the trade. Please confirm it and click Close button.

If the staking is completed successfully, you will see a pop-up message like the one above to confirm the success. Please confirm and click the Close button to close it.

When the NFT is successfully staked, it will appear at the bottom of the NFT staking list.

[Description of the Staking Menu]

  1. Stake NFTs
  • Staked Quantity : Number of NFTs staked, mining mode can be up to 200 (maximum 160 per task)
  • Reward Distribution epoch : Reward distribution time
  1. Boost APR
  • Staking Quanity : You can check the quantity of MBX staked for the boost.
  • APR : You can check the boosted APR value.
  • The Boost APR function is optional.
  1. Claim Rewards
  • Claimble Rewards :ย  Displays the number of rewards available for claiming.
  • Total Reward : Displays the quantity of rewards you can claim from mining.
  • Estimated 1-epoch Reward : You can check the estimated reward quantity for 1 epoch.

Today, we’ve been talking about Marblex’s adventurous Marblership NFT staking service.

Marblex is looking to expand its Web3 ecosystem by establishing a strategic partnership with Binance, staking NFTs, and launching various blockchain games!

We’re excited to see what’s next, and we’re also looking forward to Meta World: My City, which is currently accepting pre-registration.

Get a membership to receive coupons, whitelists, special AMAs, staking rewards, and more for upcoming games!~

๐ŸŒMarblex NFT Staking Official Guide (See the official guide for unstaking and APR boosting)

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