Total Prize Pool :10,000 USD - Airdrop Guideline Perplay Airdrop

p2eAll and Perplay are collaborating on an airdrop event with a total prize pool of $10,000 USD.

With up to $200 in prizes and as minimum as $10 in XPER tokens and PERPLAY NFTs, this is a big event that anyone can participate in with a simple click.

The NFT of PERPLAY is worth $200 and is an appealing NFT that can be mined for XPER/PER tokens.

๐ŸŽฎ What is the PERPLAY?

Perplay is a Web3-based Game and Earn (G&E) platform where you can add NFTs to any game and mine tokens while playing it.

Tokens are easily obtained by registering favorite games on the PERPLAY APP or downloading and playing games from the app store.

๐Ÿ“–PERPLAY : PERPLAY Unveils Genesis NFT Minting Schedule (Medium)

How to Participate in Perplay Airdrop

1. PERPLAY – XPER & NFT Airdrop Access $10,000

Above the p2eAll web, select the [Earn] menu. Then, select the [Airdrops] option.

Click on the [PERPLAY – XPER & NFT Airdrop] link.

At the bottom of the airdrop detail page, click the [Join and Take Actions] button.

2. Complete the Airdrop Quest

To apply for the event, click each item to complete all actions.

If you correctly complete the five actions, you’re in. All that remains is to wait for the lucky drawing!

The event prizes will then be revealed!

๐ŸŽ Event Rewards

100 XPER – 450 people ($10 value)
500 XPER – 10 people ($50 value)
1,000 XPER – 5 people ($100 value)
Mystery Box NFT – 3people ($200 value)

* Mystery Box NFT is a utility NFT worth $200 that can mine XPER/PER tokens.

Prizes will be distributed through a draw to win to participants who complete the required actions.

Everyone has the opportunity to win up to $200 in prizes simply by participating ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Invite your friends about the PERPLAY airdrop.

Complete all required actions and send your referral link to your friends.

The five participants who invite the most friends will receive xPER tokens and NFTs worth up to $1,200. When an invited friend attends the event and completes the required actions, the invitation is validated.

๐ŸŽ Referral Reward

TOP 1 : 10,000 XPER + Mystery Box NFT ($1,200 value)
TOP 2 : 8,000 XPER + Mystery Box NFT ($1,000 value)
TOP 3 : 5,000 XPER + Mystery Box NFT ($700 value)
TOP 4 : 3,000 XPER + Mystery Box NFT ($500 value)
TOP 5 : 3,000 XPER + Mystery Box NFT ($500 value)

* Mystery Box NFT is a utility NFT worth $200 that can mine XPER/PER tokens.

Now is the time to join the PERPLAY airdrop event and invite your friends!

You will be richly rewarded. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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