Meta World : My City - Pre Registration Guideline

Pre-registration events are now available on p2eAll!

The pre-registration event allows you to enter your information and sign up to receive various rewards before the game is published.

Meta World: My City, the third game in the MARBLEX ecosystem, was chosen as the first game for the pre-registration event.

You will receive 100% of the [Normal Summon Ticket] if you participate in the p2eAll Meta World: My City pre-registration event.

Furthermore, if you pre-register for Web 3 by connecting your MARBLEX wallet address, we will give away 100 MBX and 10 Mavrex NFTs to ten lucky winners when we reach 5,000 accumulated registrations.

How to Join the p2eAll Pre-Registration Event

On the p2eAll main screen, click the [Earn] menu, then the [Pre-register] menu.

In Meta World: My City, select [JOIN].

On the screen, click [Apply for Pre-Registration].

Please enter your email address. To claim your prize, an email will be sent to your email address.

Please review the Terms and Conditions menu before selecting the [Pre-Registration] button.

Enter your MARBLEX WALLET’s mailing address. The wallet address will not be entered if the form is filled out incorrectly.

By entering your wallet address, you can receive additional great WEB3 pre-registration rewards. (Game items, 100 MBX tokens (for 10 people), and MARBLERSHIP NFTs (for 10 people))

Your pre-registration is complete once you enter your email address and wallet address. We’ll show you how to increase your rewards by inviting more friends!

Then, select [Check rewards for inviting friends].

Additional rewards will be distributed based on the total number of participants who submit wallet addresses, with additional rewards distributed through a lottery when the total reaches 5,000.

  • When 1,000 people reached : 10,000 Gold (Draw 100 people)
  • When 1,500 people reached : 3 Normal Character Summon Ticket (Draw 100 people)
  • When 2,000 people reached : 20,000 Gold (Draw 100명)
  • When 2,500 people reached : 2 Epic Character Summon Ticket (Draw 100 people)
  • When 5,000 people reached : 100 MBX ((Draw 10 people), Marblership NFT (Draw 10 people)

By clicking the share button, you can copy the link to the pre-registration event and share it with your friends.

Share it with your friends on social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram, and start earning rewards right away!

Following that, you can get an overview of the game’s features! Isn’t that cool?

We will try to give you more rewards in the future through pre-registration events for various games. We eagerly await your participation. See ya~.

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