Hello p2eAllers!

Today we’re going to show you how to add PERPLAY’s token to your Havah wallet.

First, you need to install Havah Wallet. The HAVAH wallet is only available on desktop.

HAVAH WALLET : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/havah-wallet/cnncmdhjacpkmjmkcafchppbnpnhdmon

STEP 1. Log in to your HAVAH wallet. Click the + sign on the right.

STEP 2. You will see a field ‘Token Contract Address’.

STEP 3. Copy the $PER, $XPER token contract address

Source : Perplay Whitepaper Tokenomics

PER Token Contract : cxd7fed2ae1d9b2314087520efe1870c33e5c5baa4

XPER Token Contract : cx845d39382f26509a4db7af8e3b38159f9c533852

​STEP 4. Paste the $PER contract address on the Token Contract Address field. Click ‘Next’.

STEP 5. You will see the $PER token information. Click ‘Add custom token’.

STEP 6. DONE! In the Assets tab, you have successfully added the $PER token to your Tokens list.

XPER tokens can be added with the same operation by changing the token contract (see STEP 3).

Once PER and XPER tokens are listed on the Hava Network decentralized exchange (DEX), they can be exchanged for HVH tokens and cashed out.

The exchange where HVH tokens are listed is BYBIT. Please note 🙂

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