Guideline : How to make HAVAH Wallet?

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How to make HAVAH wallet – Source : HAVAH Official Youtube

Please read this article carefully to receive their XPER tokens and Mystery Box NFTs. * PERPLAY Airdrop winners must install Havah Wallet,

1. Install Havah Wallet on your Chrome web browser

Install the Google Chrome browser and type [Havah Wallet] into the search bar.

Click the Chrome Web Store ink [Havah Wallet] that appear in the search results.

On the right, click the [Add to Chrome] button to begin the installation.

Click the Browser [Add Extension] button.

When the installation is complete, a pop-up window will appear with instruction on how to make additional setting.

Select the puzzle-shaped button in your Chrome browser.

To make your Havah Wallet visible in the Chrome browser, pin it.

2. Havah Wallet Install and Wallet Creation

To install the wallet, click the created Havah wallet icon button on the right, and then click the [Get started] button.

Customize your wallet options before clicking the [NEXT] button.

After entering your wallet password, press the [NEXT] button.

Click the [Create new wallet] button to start a new one.

A 12-word recovery code appears. Make a note of it. You’ll need it to recover your password in the future.

To proceed to the next step, check the checkbox and press the [CONTINUE] button.

Click on the 12 digits of the recovery phrase in order you wrote down in the previous step. If you enter it correctly, the [VERIFY] button will be activated, and you can proceed to the next step by clicking it.

You can also name your wallet; if this isn’t necessary for you, simply click Skip it!

Finally the wallet installation and creation are now complete. In the image above, the red box represents your wallet address, and clicking it will copy it. 🙂

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