Meta World : My City - How to buy Meta Cash  and Currency

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In this article, we will explain the Meta World: My City game currency and how to obtain META CASH using INETRIUM (ITU) tokens.

Intro of Game Currency


This currency can be used to level up the character while playing the board game.

It is the basic currency obtained by winning the board game.


Crystal is required when purchasing Meta World Land, a building, or an item.

You can exchange your Meta Cash through Crystal and Diamonds.


Diamond is required when purchasing a product from a store or through Chracter Gacha.

Diamond can be purchased using in-app payment.

Meta Cash

It is a type of game currency used in Meta World. You can use it when purchasing real estate.

On the Meta Exchange, it can be exchanged for INETRIUM tokens.

(For example, you can exchange MBX for INETRIUM and then back to Meta Cash to play games.)

You can also exchange Meta Cash for INETRIUM tokens.


How to purchse Meta Cash using INETRIUM tokens

1. Purchse MBX Token

Purchse MBX tokens from an exchange that lists MBX tokens.

You can buy on centralized exchanges like Bitthumb, Hubio, Bybit, and, as well as decentralized exchanges like Klay Swap .

2. Transfer MBX tokens into your Marblex wallet

Transfer the MBX tokens you purchased to the Marblex wallet connected with the Meta World: My City game.

The following is your Marblex wallet address.

Start the Marblex Wallet app → Click on the right-hand human figure → You can check ti through the Address.

3. Swap MBX tokens for ITU tokens.

Following that, you must exchange your MBX token for an ITU (INETRIUM) token.

This can be done in the following order MBX → MBXL → ITU. Please see the image above.

4. Purchasing Meta Cash using ITU tokens

The Meta Trading Center in the game menu allows you to buy (exchange) Meta Cash for ITU tokens.

To exchange tokens, Click the Meta Trading Center.

* Only the PC Version supports the Meta Exchang.

* Your Marblex Wallet ID must be connected to your account in order to use the Meta Exchange.

The number of MBX tokens you traded for INETRIUM tokens in the previous step is displayed.

Enter the number of INETRIUM tokens to be purchased (exchanged), and the amount of Meta Cash will be calculated to match the exchange rate.

INETRIUM → The Meta Cash ensures that exchanges take place as normally.

Exchanges to crystals are possible via the Meta Cash.

For meta exchange exchange criteria, please see the table above. (Source : Official Guideline )

You can now use your Meta Cash to buy real estate. Thank you very much.

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