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In this article, we will explain to you how to use a coupon for p2eAll’s Meta World : My City pre-registration event.

Registration is available for Android, iPhone(iOS), and PC

How to Use Coupons on an Android / PC Version

Once you’re in the game, click the hamburger (三) menu in the top right corner of your profile screen.

Next, click the gear menu in the top right corner of your profile.

In the options, click the Accounts menu.

Click the[Coupons].

Click the[Coupon Events].

Click Confirm after entering the coupon code you received from the p2eAll pre-registration event.

The item that corresponds to the coupon will be delivered to you. You can find them in your mailbox’s ‘item’ tab.

Coupons that have already been redeemed or have expired will not be eligible for rewards, and rewards may take some time to be paid after a coupon has been redeemed.

How to Use Coupons on an iPhone (iOS)

On the iPhone, coupons can only be redeemed through the coupon redemption PC, not in-game.

You must first confirm your account code.

How to check account code

After you’ve verified your account code, go to the coupon entry page listed below.

Meta World : My City coupon redemption page


After entering your account number and coupon code, click the Confirm button to receive the item associated with your coupon.

You can view your items in your mailbox’s ‘Item’ tab.

Please keep in mind that you will not be rewarded for coupons that have already been redeemed or expired, and the reward may take some time to appear after the coupon has been redeemed.

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