Hello, this is p2eAll.

p2eAll is holding a pre-registration event for the N-AGE: Awakening game.

It will be held as a WEB2 event where you can receive game items by entering your email address, and a WEB3 event where you can receive additional reward tokens.

Get instant access to the N-Age: Awakening pre-registration
Duration : 2023.05.10 09:00AM ~05.30 08:00AM UTC

Let’s receive even bigger Rewards!

WEB3 N-Age Pre-Registration Event

When we reach 5,000 participants, the WEB3 event will offer a variety of prizes to all participants. (If we reach 5,000 participants, we will also reward the participants.)

[List of N-Age WEB3 Rewards]

  • 4 in-game items
  • 10 WSC tokens

[N-Age WEB3 Compensation Required]

  • Register for V-Fun
  • Install Play Wallet & Enter the Address
  • Install the N-Age Game.
  • Make an N-Age character.

To receive rewards, you must complete all required items.

To participate in the N-age pre-registration event with various rewards, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Sign up on the VFUN website

N-Age is a P2E game provided by VFUN.

WEB3 To receive additional rewards, you need to sign up on the VFUN website that provides the game service.

You can easily sign up through your Google, Facebook, or Apple account

Fill in your date of birth and nickname to sign up, then click the CONFIRM button.

You are now registered on the VFUN website.

You will receive additional game item rewards after the game launches if you log in and Pre-Register.

Additionally, pre-registration on VFUN’s homepage is also available for even more rewards.

Step 2. Install and sign up for the PLAY Wallet app

PLAY Wallet

Android : You can download the official APK file of PLAY Wallet via search on p2eAll, or click the button below to download the APK file immediately.

iPhone (iOS): Install via the App Store. Click the button below to install directly.

Complete the PLAY Wallet app installation for your device.

STEP 3. Sign up for PLAY Wallet

Installed PLAY WALLET app

Once the installation is complete, launch PLAY Wallet.

You can sign up for PLAY Wallet through your Google account, Apple account, Facebook account, or WeChat account.

Check I agree to the required terms, enter your username and password, and click the Next button.

Your registration is complete and your PLAY WALLET wallet address is automatically generated.

Then enter your date of birth and you’re set! (Please enter your date of birth if you are over 19 years old)

You don’t need to enter a ZIP CODE, just check the OK button to agree to the terms.

You can see your PLAY Wallet wallet address by pressing the Profile menu button at the top.

Press the Copy address button to copy your wallet address.

STEP 4. N-Age Pre-Registration & WEB3 Event Registration

After logging in to p2eAll, you will be taken to the pre-registration event page. The link below will get you there easily.

Then hit the Apply for Pre-Registration button.

Enter the same email address that you used to sign up for the VFUN website in STEP 1 (Mendatory!!)

If the email address is entered differently, you may not receive the reward.

After agreeing to the terms, click the “Join Pre-Registration” button.

Enter the address of the PLAY Wallet you installed in STEP 3.

You may not receive rewards for entering metamask and other wallet addresses.

Now you’re done participating in all events, congratulations!
Then, install the N-Age game and create a character.

STEP 4. Installing the game N-Age

N-Age can be installed on Windows computers.

To access the download page, click the button below.

Then, to download the installation file, click the [VFUN Launcher Download] button.

Install the VFUN Launcher that you downloaded.

Launch the VFUN Launcher and sign in with your registered account.

When the launcher appears after logging in, select [N-Age] from the games on the top.

Then, at the bottom, click [Game Install].

The installation of the N-Age game will begin. To proceed, please press the Next button.

When the installation is complete, the bottom button will change to [Game Start], and you can click it to launch the N-Age game.

You can make a character once the game is appear it and running.

After you’ve finished customizing your character, click the [Create character] button to finish!

You are now eligible for rewards for pre-registering for N-Age.

When the WEB 3 event reaches 5,000 participants, all participants will receive an in-game item and 10 WSC tokens. (Participants who joined after the 5,000 mark will also be rewarded.)

Pre-register now and invite your friends to earn more rewards together!

You are now eligible for rewards for pre-registering for N-Age. 🙂

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