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p2eAll held the Meta World: My City pre-registration campaign with MARBLEX in April. There were 13,632 people who took part. Over 7,300 of them entered their MARBLEX Wallet into the pre-registration event. 

Few people would deny that, it is extremely difficult to engage Web3 users in a game, and it is even more difficult for projects to make player retention in the game multiple times. 

p2eAll solves this issue by offering a WEB3 registration campaign in which both WEB2 and WEB3 users can participate. p2eAll can encourage more users to download the MBX wallet and enter their wallet addresses into the pre-registration by providing different benefits to the participation. 

Pre-Registration Project Result

Furthermore, users who enter their MBX wallet addresses into the campaign will receive benefits related to the MARBLEX ecosystem, such as MARBLERSHIP, MBX token, and more powerful in-game items. Projects can attract and retain WEB3 users who want to play games by providing more beneficial rewards. 

Following that, N-Age Awakening held a pre-registration in May. Over 14,000 users took part in the event, with 8,585 of them entering their WEMIX PLAY Wallet addresses. 

Despite the fact that there were numerous quests to complete in that pre-registration, the majority of participants took action, such as creating a V-Fun account, creating characters, and so on.

[In Conclusion

One of the most difficult challenges for most Web 3 projects is acquiring dedicated users and p2eAll has been created own system of filtering people who use bots. Everyone understands how difficult it is. This is why p2eAll never stops thinking and researching in order to improve features. p2eAll is a platform for not only discovering but also acquiring genuine WEB 3 users.

Despite the fact that we already have over 250K WEB 3 users who have connected to wallet & email addresses to p2eall accounts. We make every effort to attract new users. There is a self-censorship system in place for people who use a bot thus, p2eAll only promote competitive global Web 3 projects to real users. Also, project teams can also communicate with users.

Please keep an eye out for our actions, which have the potential to significantly expand the WEB 3 Market,

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