Hello, this is p2eAll.

p2eAll, Klaytn, Klay Dice, Super Walk, DKR, and Iskra are organizing a massive airdrop event to commemorate the GM Vietnam event.

✅Join the event: : https://p2eall.com/airdrops/23

⏰Event period: July 3, 2023 09:00 AM ~July 21, 2023 14:59 PM (UTC)

🎊Winner announcement: July 28, 2023 09:00 AM (UTC)

The event is divided into 4 sections and requires a p2eAll registered account as well as a linked wallet (either MetaMask or Kaikas).

*Only members with a p2eAll registered account and Vietnamese nationality will be eligible for rewards. (According to IP)

[Event 1] Follow the Projects Social Media

The Klay Dice, Super Walk, DKR, and Iskra project teams are supporting this follow-up event.

Participants who follow each project company’s social media channels or fill out an entry form will be entered into a lottery to win prizes prepared by each project company.

Each project has a different set of rewards, and the rewards you earn can be used in the game to Play to Earn or Move to Earn.

Follow & join the project’s social media channel with the prize you want to win and you’re done!

A single action counts as one entry.


  • DKR will send rewards to users who join the DKR Discord. (Raffle)
  • Users who complete both projects DKR Discord and follow the KLAY DICE on Twitter will be eligible for rewards from both projects. (Raffle)

You’ll have a better chance of winning the prize if you joined all the quest, right?:)

[Event 2] Who completes all actions

The Klaytn Foundation is supporting this massive event.

When you complete all 6 airdrop actions, your participation is complete!

A total of 250 people will receive KLAY tokens worth $20 each.

To earn great rewards, complete all of the simple Twitter follow and join discord actions!

[Event 3] Invite a lucky friend (reward can be received even if you invite only 1 friend)

Participate in events 1 and 2 and invite 1 person using my invite link to be entered!

We’ll hold a raffle for an additional $5 worth of KLAY.

Inform your closest friends about the event and distribute the prizes:)

[Event 4] Top Referral

The top 3 users who invite the most friends to this event will receive huge prizes!

You don’t have to be a Vietnamese user to participate, and the users who invite the most Vietnamese friends (based on IP) will be rewarded.

Inform your Vietnamese community about this event and invite your friends as soon as possible!

✅Join the Event : https://p2eall.com/airdrops/23

⏰Event period: July 3, 2023 09:00 AM ~July 21, 2023 14:59 PM (UTC)

🎊Winner announcement: July 28, 2023 09:00 AM (UTC)

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