Pome Rumble is a game in the Puzzle RPG genre. It is a mobile game that supports iOS and Android devices.

Introduction Video of Pome Rumble

We’re excited to announce that p2eAll is hosting a Pome Rumble pre-registration event with tons of great prizes.

🎊Pome Rumble : pre-registration


  • Period : August 16, 2023 3:00 am – August 31, 2023 3:00 am
  • 100% reward of 1,000 diamonds for all pre-registered participants
  • Enter your POMERIUM registered email address and POMERIUM wallet address to pre-register!
  • GOLD, Recommend tickets, $20 PMR, and 1-Tier NFTs will be awarded by lottery depending on the cumulative goal achieved.

This guide makes it easy and quick for anyone to participate in pre-registration.

STEP. 1 Sign up for Pomerium & create a Pomerium wallet

To participate in the Pome Rumble pre-registration, you’ll need a Pomerium account and a wallet address on Pomerium.

📖Guide to signing up for Pomerium & creating a wallet

Please refer to the blog link above to sign up for Pomerium and create your wallet~!

STEP 2. Pre-register : Enter your Pomerium email address

Log in to p2eAll and go to the Pome Rumble pre-registration page.

Click the [Apply for pre-registration] menu to join the Pome Rumble pre-registration.

Then, do the following in the order below.

(1) Enter the email address you signed up with on the Pomerium website
(2) Check Agree to the terms and conditions
(3) Click Take the next step

Once an email address has been entered, it cannot be changed!

Be sure to enter the email address you signed up with on Pomerium!

If you’ve done so successfully, proceed to the next step.

(1) Log in to Pomerium and copy your wallet address
(2) Paste or enter the copied wallet address into the Wallet section of the p2eAll pre-registration.
(3) Click Take the next step to move to the next step

The wallet address you enter cannot be edited after submission, so please check and enter it once more~!

Your pre-registration for the Pome Rumble is now complete!

Thank you to everyone who participated and there will be additional rewards as we reach our cumulative goal!

Rewards will be available after Pome Rumble launches and will be sent to your Inbox or Pomerium Wallet in-game, depending on the item type.

Refer friends to pre-register events and reach your goal now~💖

🎊Pome Rumble : pre-registration

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