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The Sandbox, Metaverse game platform based on ETH

The Sandbox is a game made by the brother company of Sky Mavis, the developer of ‘Axie Infinity’. If you are unfamiliar with Axie Infinity, please refer to the blog below, as I have explained in detail.

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based metaverse game platform that allows you to make money using NFTs. It has not yet started a full-fledged domestic service but announced that it will release the alpha season until December 20, 2021, and that it will officially open in 2022.

Can cash your sand immediately in The Sandbox

The Sandbox
The Sandbox site

Since the game is a blockchain-based metaverse game platform. Users can enjoy, own, or monetize various games on the platform, and interact with other users. In addition, you can easily create content using the game maker tool provided by the platform without any coding required. There is a YouTube content that explains it well below.

Transactions within the game use ‘SAND’, and they are listed on most of the domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges, so they can be converted into cash.

The Sandbox consists of square box-shaped lands, with a total of 166,464 lands. Users can use the sand to purchase virtual real estate called ‘LAND’. As of December 20, 70% of the land has already been sold.

How to start The Sandbox

The Sandbox signup
Signup page

Go to the website and click Sign in to register as a member. In addition to membership registration through SNS linkage, various methods of membership registration are possible.

After creating an account, connect to the Metamask wallet. MetaMask can be easily installed via a Chrome extension. If you are curious about the installation method, please refer to the post below.

When the Metamask wallet link is complete, purchase SAND coins to participate in activities on the Sandbox platform. SAND coins can be purchased in various markets so you can choose from any exchanges that trade SAND coins.

When you purchase SAND coin and transfer it to your metamask wallet, SAND will appear in your sandbox profile. With SAND sent to MetaMask, you can purchase LAND that can be owned by players. Land can be purchased not only with Sand but also with Ethereum. Players can make money by decorating their digital real estate LAND, playing games, or renting it to other players.

The Sandbox
Buying LAND

Land can also be purchased through the NFT trading platform OpenSea and can be owned by two or more players. Among the 166,464 lands in The Sandbox, there is premium land, which is located next to a large land, unlike other lands. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the number of visitors will increase significantly after the official launch of The Sandbox. At this time, the more companies that want to advertise on this land, the higher the income will be.

LAND sale example you can see on Opensea

In the next article, I will be able to give you my personal tips on which land is the most efficient to buy out of the currently traded land.