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If you happen to have good luck for selecting random rewards, it is possible to earn over 10k a month in Bombcrypto, Let me explain.


Bombcrypto, which is emerging as one of the strongest P2E games these days based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). There are characters called ‘heroes’ in BombCrypto, and these heroes can blow up treasure chests on the map, in return you get BCOIN coins as a reward.

Bombcrypto play

The number of BCOIN coins that can be obtained as a reward depends on the level of the hero the player has, a minimum of 4 BCOIN and a maximum of 50 BCOIN are possible.

The price of BCOIN coin as of December 22, 2021, is $4. Based on the current market price, it is possible to generate profits from at least $15 ~ $200 per day. If trends follow this path, it is really possible to earn $10K per month.

Getting started on Bombcrypto

To start the BombCrypto game, you must first install the MetaMask Wallet. If you do not know how to install Metamask, please refer to the post below.

After installing MetaMask you can proceed to follow next steps on how to start Bombcrypto.

First, register the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network in MetaMask. Then, buy Tron or Ripple on a domestic exchange and transfer it to Binance. Exchange the coins transferred to Binance to BUSD. For reference, I recommend Tron or Ripple because the transfer fee is cheap and the transfer speed is fast.

When you buy BSUD on Binance, you also buy 0.05 BNB. This is because each time BCOIN is traded, approximately 0.0003 BNB gas fee is used.

If BUSD is ready, swap BUSD for BCOIN in Pancake Swap and transfer coins to Metamask. After that, when you log in by linking MetaMask and BombCrypto, you are ready to start the game.

However, if you are installing MetaMask for the first time, please check how to send coins to the MetaMask wallet after installing MetaMask through the link in the above post.

Picking Heroes in Bombcrypto

First of all, in order to participate in the game, you need to mint your hero using BCOIN. There are 6 grades of Hero, and the efficiency of mining BCOIN is different depending on the grade.

Heroes you can get

The picture above is the 6 grades of heroes introduced by BombCrypto. COMMON is the lowest level and SUPER LEGEND is the highest level. The number next to each hero’s rank name is the probability that each hero will be picked.

“Yes, Bombcrypto heroes can be minted randomly with BCOIN”

Bombcrypto Guide

So, as the first sentence of today’s article, I emphasized the luck of the draw as follows.
Heroes can be drawn in units of 1, 5, or 10, and the BNB fee required for drawing, several or a single time is the same. Therefore, it is recommended to draw 10 at a time. The cost to draw one hero is 10 BCOINs.

How to play Bombcrypto

 Bombcrypto Hero Inventory
Bombcrypto Hero Inventory

The maximum number of heroes that can be minted per account is 500, but the maximum number of dual playable heroes is 15. If you have the money, it would be best to run the game with the 15 highest-ranked heroes after drawing 500. (However, the initial investment would be off the moon)

If all 15 heroes are picked, you can see the BCOIN mining through blasting the treasure chest with the purchased heroes.

Heroes have a health gauge called ‘stamina’, so when they run out of health, they cannot be activated until recharged. It can be seen as a sleep state similar to that of humans.

The ‘Common Rating’ which is the lowest hero rating is fully charged in 2 hours, but the higher the hero rating, the longer it takes to fully charge.

There are ways to speed up recovery by half the time. Through ‘getting my own house’. (Designed same as humans) If you have a house, the recovery rate is faster, but the houses are extremely expensive. And of course the more expensive the house, the faster the recovery.

Bombcrypto buying house

Currently, 720 BCOIN houses are sold out, so only 2,400 BCOIN houses can be purchased. The price of the house is around $9,000, just like the real world, relatively the house prices are out of this world.

Bombcrypto NFT
Bombcrypto NFT

So even without the house, I explained how you can earn up to 10K a month on Bombcrypto based on your luck for picking heroes.

The amount required to select 15 heroes is currently around $400. The payback period for this amount would be from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 25 days based on the current Bcoin price. Will you be lucky enough to win a great lottery and get a legendary NFT item like the picture above!

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