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5th place in NFT based P2E games.

Wizardium is an NFT based P2E game. The game starts with selecting a hero in the magic metaverse to find rare NFT elements and mining WIZZY coins.

According to the game structure revealed by headquarter, you can generate profits from $400 to a maximum of $1,000 per week through the game. However, since there is no exchange where WIZZY coin is listed yet, this is not a confirmed statement.

Even though WIZZY coin hasn’t been listed on an exchange, Wizardium took 5th place in Top P2E game rankings, you can see below what’s causing all the hype behind this game.

Wizardium, P2E game play elements

Wizardium buying Hero

To start the game, you need to purchase a hero. Heroes are unique NFT characters divided into three tiers: Low, Medium, and High.

Low-ranking heroes are the Alchemist; Markus, Felix, Tedius, and Vitalis. The mid-level heroes are the Witcher, the wizard; Gustavus, Xena, and Mortheus. The highest-ranking heroes are Archmage; Argus and Diva.


Wizardium NFT Heroes have 3 unique stats.

The first is ‘Health‘, which means the time that you are allowed to explore land and farm elements. If time decreases, self-recovery is impossible. You need to recover with a booster, but you need WIZZY coins to do this.

The second is ‘Energy‘, which refers to the ability to spend time exploring a particular land.

The third is ‘Luck‘, the ability to have a chance to find an element. From x0.8 to x1.2, depending on the hero level.

Wizardium Alchemist heroes
Wizardium Alchemist heroes

Of course, the higher the level of the hero, the better the play. In the case of the highest grade, it is currently at the level of $1,200. Heroes can be purchased using BNB, BUSD, USDT, BTC, or ETH.

For reference, BUSD is a coin designed to maintain the same value as the dollar and is a token created by BNB for use in BNB-based games.

How to play Wizardium

adventure land
Adventure land

Players must purchase heroes to enter the game, explore the land, and collect rare NFT elements. Mined elements can be exchanged for WIZZY tokens.

Rare NFT Elements
Rare NFT Elements

With WIZZY tokens, you can purchase new heroes or items that increase game efficiency, and you can also stake. According to the roadmap, the scheduled listing time of WIZZY token is February 2022.


As the Wizardium team revealed, if you can generate $1,000 a week with an initial investment of $1,500, you can recover your investment in less than 2 weeks. Is it really possible?… Personally, I would try it after WIZZY coin is listed.