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MetaKongz on Opensea

Korean cyber-kongs : MetaKongz

Have you heard of ‘MetaKongz’, which is the Korean version of Cyber ​​Kongz, they quickly became the No. 1 project on Opensea through 3 phases of minting events.

Meta Kongz (Project Kongz) This is the most anticipated project in the Klaytn Network. If you are interested in Klaytn NFT, you must have heard of it. Currently, the most expensive Metacongz NFT can be purchased for 24,470 clay. That’s about $29,853.

Have you ever wondered ‘Why did that gorilla picture become the most representative of the Klaytn Network?’

Official Roadmap

Metakongz roadmap

The above picture is the project roadmap displayed on the official website. The project team transparently discloses the roadmap and proceeds with the project on schedule.

In addition, while the representatives of many NFT projects are working anonymously, Metakongz (Project Kongz) is focusing on promoting the project, with CEOs Kangmin Lee and Doohee Lee officially appearing in many media.

discovery news

I think this is the secret of Metakongz (Project Kongz) growing as the top project in the Klaytn Network.

MetaKongz Partners


MetaKongz started collaborating with numerous organizations, and on the 14th, the famous K-pop artist ‘Sunmi’ was selected as the main singer of the PFP NFT project.

In addition, on the 22nd, they are preparing for full-scale expansion into the Metaverse ecosystem by signing an official partnership with the metaverse platform ‘The Sandbox’.
At this rate, I think they are progressing pretty well with their roadmap.

Team’s exceptional foot prints leave stronger community

metakongz discord

Their Discord channel already has over 30,000 members, and about 5,000 live users.

What I noticed while communicating with other users in the Discord room was that the community’s tenacity demonstrated by the NFT holders made the project reach top chart within Klaytn Network.

In particular, the pride of holders are great. By being a VIP member and feel a strong sense of belonging and ownership in the community seems does the trick.

Metakongz Story


What makes the holders and community participants more interesting is the well-crafted storyline.

You can click on this link to check their full story.

This one in particular is one of the most expensive NFT from their collection, I wish i landed on these when they minted…

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