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Tips on how to clear Summoners War – Lost Centuria

Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Today I brought some tips for those new to Summoners War: Lost Centuria. The source is a pinned article from the official Discord channel.

Before we begin you can check out some basic guide how to choose monsters provided by Summoners War at below link

Newbie Rune

  1. When can I start collecting Runes?
    When you reach level 9 Summoner, you will be able to summon Legendary Runes. From then on, you can use magic dust, but until then you should save up all the magic dust.
  2. Should I upgrade Runes?
    We recommend that you start with upgrading the Legendary Runes. Reinforce the rune number that requires the main option first.
    E.g.) Monsters that require attack power can be upgraded starting with Rune 1.
  3. What are the good Runes / Which rune should I collect?
    Each monster requires different options. It is recommended to leave the Legendary Runes if possible. Do not use it as a reinforcement material as it may be used in the future.
    Exception) If you have 3 or more canned options, you can discard them. It can be good or bad depending on the rider. You can decide which runes to carry depending on the deck you use. If you find it still confusing, you may ask for deck consultation in their discord channel.
  4. Which runes should i match with specific monster?
    Since there are too many cases, if you ask a question directly in #DeckConsultation, they will kindly answer your question.
  5. ETC
    A major option and a minor option cannot be the same.
    E.g.) As a secondary option of Rune 1, the attack % is not attached.
    List for more Runes and description

Crystal farming tips

Quest-Challenge-Combination Match 2~3 combinations above at the same time in the recommended deck and defeat the strong-looking guy in Battle Mode-Search Battle (10 each)

A total of 16,000 crystals can be obtained by clearing all the combination quests.

An animated Version of the buff connection.

Summoners War

Buff update (connection) done properly. Before the existing industrial stage 1 disappeared, using Megan (industrial stage 2) overlapped & updated to industrial stage 3

Summoners War

The appearance was refilled after the buff disappeared without connecting (renewing) the buff. The situation in which the existing industrial stage 1 completely disappeared, and then the new industrial stage 2 was used, leaving only the industrial stage 2 status.

You will have a better understanding of how the buff connection works with the mini videos above.

101 Guide of the deck for newbies

  1. Bernard
  2. Megan
  3. Eleanor
  4. Dias (Poseidon)
  5. Galleon (Shannon)
  6. Baretta (Alicia, Ganymede)
  7. Tesarion
  8. Thrain (Fire Monkey King, Hwa, Jeanne)

The monsters in parentheses are substitute monsters when there is no monster matching the corresponding number or the level of that monster is too low.

Thrain: 6 random target meteorites -> Few, concentrated fire power + long stun + no light and dark properties

Sige: Fast motion that can’t be counter + Powerful single deal + Light and dark series that don’t burn attributes

Jeanne: If left alone, self-heal 25%, opponent’s short stun, sub-skill after 2 stacks (5 seconds invincibility + 10 seconds endurance 2 (damage reduction 20%))

Lapis: There are no other merits, but the damage proportional shield -> reverses while enduring with the shield

Orion: The firepower is weak, but the opponent can’t do anything because he keeps changing his hand

Orochi: Damage over 7 hits + self healing 7% for each critical hit

There are many more than the above list. Most use monsters that increase in performance when alone or when there are only a few left.

Wide area deck monster placement

  1. Tanker & Buffer
  2. Buffer (speed boost)
  3. Buffer & Hazarder
  4. Hazarder & Debuffer
  5. Buffer
  6. Dealer (sub) & Debuffer
  7. Dealer (main)
  8. Dealer (cleaner)

Summoners War: Lost Centuria newbie guide

  • Do not use the recommended deck in the Deck Formation window as it is a random recommendation, and try using the combinations in the Combination Recommendation in the Quest tab.
  • Recommended decks for newbies: dmg deck (continuous damage deck), wide area deck (Tesarion O, Joker X) -> Refer to Deck Theme Classification.
  • If you are curious about other decks, Please mention @MasterCat | SWLC

Summoners War: Lost Centuria FAQ part 1

Q. I was using the Recommended deck, is this the right way to start?
A. Do not use the recommended deck function in the formation tab. It is actually a random formation. Rather, look at the combination recommendations in the quest tab and build a deck.

Q. Can you recommend any deck for newbies?
A. You can refer to dmg deck that i mentioned above.

Q. I need to upgrade my cards, how do i farm cards?
A. The main sources of supply are the Crystal Draw and the Honor Draw. The Honor Draw has the best draw efficiency. (However, Hero Skill Stones do not appear.) When you accumulate 20 boxes of Honor Mileage, you will be given a Skill Stone Summon Ticket (Normal ~ Hero Appears) Tip. Do the Crystal Draw only at the beginning (up to the average card level of level 10, or account level below 9)

Q. Everyone in ranked matches are too strong, end up losing all the time (Bronze V ~ Silver V) how do i become better?
A. You can check the above tips on how to set up decks and follow step by step

Summoners War: Lost Centuria FAQ part 2

Q. Is legendary good? should i use it right away?
A. It doesn’t really matter if you draw a legendary monster. The skill stone gacha is the key. Monsters’ ranks such as legendary has nothing to do with the game play.
Are you on Resemara? I recommend not to resemara. It’s a waste of time. (Applicable to Bronze. When you go up a tier, you need a lot of duplicate monsters for leveling up.) A4. There are many better generals than legends. Rather, general-purpose monsters are placed many at lower ranks.

Q. It’s the similar level, but why is the opponent so much stronger? (Bronze~Silver section)
A. You have to make good use of the buff. You can play the game to your advantage by using the buff link [Thesarion Deck] Please refer to the recipe I explained above.

Q. What kind of Runes should i make?
A. In the beginning, just wear the set effect roughly. You can choose the set you need and use it. ( Newbies = Fatal / Energy / Swift is high) Do not give Guardian Runes to tanks. Defense efficiency is low. (2% room = 1% body efficiency.)

How to receive Summoners War: Lost Century Honor Draw

  1. Click Store – Click on the assets tab in the lower left corner
  2. Buy an appropriate amount of Honor Tokens and Honor Token Doublers
  3. If you already have enough doublers, don’t buy them (1:1 ratio with honor tokens)
  4. Play battle mode content. You just need to play the game
  5. Proceed with the honor draw using the Medal of Honor converted by gameplay
  6. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish to farm
Summoners war: Lost Centuria

Summoners War: Lost Centuria core tips

  • Click the effect name in the skill description text in the game to open an info window where you can see the description of the various effects. Effect names are colored blue (=buff)/red (=debuff).
    E.g.) Barretta skill description text is roughly as follows: Attacks all enemies and inflicts 2 continuous damage. -> If you press the damage over time text, you can see the detailed description of the damage over time effect. You can also find other effects in that window!
  • Effects that have a purple buff or debuff icon cannot be dispelled. (Only natural cancellation is possible, such as the end of the duration, not affected by various types of cancellation skills)
  • The purple effect cannot be blocked by buffs/debuffs, nor does it throw a resistance. (You cannot block the purple debuff even if you have immunity, and you cannot block the purple buff even if you apply No beneficial effect. The purple debuff does not resist)
  • You cannot counter a skill activated by a counter. In other words, The skill used as a counter cannot be interrupted.
  • Debuffs from spells do not make resistance rolls -> If you do not have immunity, you can understand that it is an unconditional hit.
  • When your side attacks an opponent with an unfavorable character, there is a 20% reduction in damage + 50% chance to cause a miss, and the debuff attached to the hit will unconditionally raise resistance and reduce damage by 30%.
  • One liner summary: If you attack against an unfavorable opponent, it will not work properly!!!
    ※ Compatibility: Water>Fire>Wind>Water, Light><Dark (Light and Darkness are mutually beneficial)

This is a recipe for Tesarion Wide Area Deck. Firepower is superior to that of pure blood Jiffy (Bronze~Gold standard)

[Tesarion deck]

  1. Tanker – Ramagos, Roid, Kuhn recommended (Energy Rune)
  2. Bernard (Swift Rune)
  3. Megan (Swift Rune)
  4. Eleanor can be swapped with Baretta (Energy Rune)
  5. Galleon (Swift Rune)
  6. Racuni (Fatal Rune)
  7. Tesarion (Fatal Rune)
  8. Thrain (Fatal Rune)

Spells: Replenish the deficient defense ability with divine protection, soul purification, and corruption spells

Main Dealer: Tesarion

Sub Dealer: Thrain

Attack sequence: Galleon – Rakuni – Tesarion (Cost reduction: Main deal)

Buffer sequence: Bernard – Megan – Galleon

It is best to move buffer to attack sequence, but the opponent will also respond, so I wrote down the two sequences separately. Use your combos as best you can.

Most important tip of the game – Buff

If power buff is applied again while the attack power increase buff is already applied, the duration is updated and the buff stages are added.
E.g.) Finished 2nd job + New 1st job overlaid = Combined with continuous and live 3rd job
3Other than industry buffs and debuffs can also be stacked and linked.