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KlayCity – Land NFT staking & game tips

KlayCity land nft staking

KlayCity land NFT staking has been one of the most anticipated games in the P2E world.

KlayCity is a Land Pie metaverse game built on the Klaytn Network. Users can earn local NFTs and farm $ORB tokens or generate $LAY tokens which can be used to upgrade local NFTs.

Only 1,000 zones are available at the start of the game and the user must spend $ORB and $LAY to explore new lands.

KlayCity, Land NFT staking

KlayCity land nft staking

From March 21, 2022, users holding Klaycity NFTs will be able to stake their local NFTs and earn $LAY tokens. We’ve also launched a “Level Up” feature that allows users to level up their districts if they wish.

Users can stake Earth NFTs by accessing the “My Asset” tab on the Klaycity page. A new “Stake” button has been provided for users to stake NFTs and earn $LAY tokens.

KlayCity land NFT staking tips

KlayCity land nft staking

Access the KlayCity official website. After logging in, click ‘Wallet Connect’ in the upper right corner to select a wallet to access KlayCity.

If the wallet is connected, press the ‘MAP’ button at the top and click the ‘Play Game’ icon on the right.

Click ‘ROLL’ button on the top right corner.

The land in the area you own is displayed in conjunction with the connected wallet, and you can get LAY tokens according to the tier level of the land you own by pressing the ‘STAKE’ button. Staking is now complete.

Earnable $LAY quantity by District Tier

1 Tier2 Tier3 Tier
$LAY quantity (30day)503010
Relative importance out of 1,000 land5% (50)20% (200)75% (750)

The amount of LAY tokens you can get is based on your district (region) tier level. Currently, it is based on 1,000 lands, and it is said that this proportion will be maintained even if more lands are released in the future.

District upgrade

KlayCity land nft staking

You can increase the amount of $LAY earned by upgrading your district.

  • District upgrading cost
LV 1LV 2LV 3LV 4LV 5LV 6

You can use $LAY and $ORB to upgrade your district. Upgrading a region increases the amount of $LAY generated.

Districts can be raised to level 6, but the cost of upgrades increases exponentially.

  • Lay earned by tier when leveling up
LV 1LV 2LV 3LV 4LV 5LV 6
1 Tier5075125200300550
2 Tier304575120180330
3 Tier1015254060110
x timesstartx 1.5x 2.5x 4x 6x 11

As you level up through upgrades, the amount of LAY tokens you get will increase.

Roll the dice to get a LAY reward

KlayCity land nft staking

To obtain $LAY tokens, users must stake land NFTs. Staking users can receive 1 dice every 24 hours.

After 24 hours of staking, users can click the ROLL menu at the bottom of the screen to roll the dice.

KlayCity land nft staking

The entire map and route will be a loop similar to a “blue marble” or “monopoly” map, and the user will move around the map according to the number rolled. Each season route changes. The full map route will be revealed before every season starts.

For example, in the image above, if the user rolls “6” and the last position is England, it moves forward 6 spaces on the game board. If a user rolls “2” you move up two spaces.

When a user arrives in a country, if they do not own a land NFT for that country, they pay 20% tax of $LAY from $LAY per day to that country.

  • Example 1: A user owns tier 3 land in Japan but does not own land in Italy and if the dice roll ends in Italy, 20% of $LAY per day is paid in Italy. The user receives 0.264 $LAY and pays Italy 0.034 $LAY in taxes.
  • Example 2: The user owns tier 3 land in Japan and luckily the dice roll ends in Japan. They won’t pay taxes because they own Japanese land. The user receives 0.33 $LAY and pays 0 $LAY in tax in Japan.

The tax is paid to the country’s common wallet (Country Vault) and is shared among holders in that country.

Gain new lands through exploration

Exploration is the process by which users send $LAY tokens to other countries and earn new local NFTs in the process.

Expeditions are divided into seasons, each season allowing you to explore new areas.

KlayCity land nft staking

Exploration can be done by pressing the “Exploring” button on the “Game” map.

KlayCity exploring

For Season 1, users can choose from six countries. The six countries are divided into two groups, existing (premium) and new.

The cost of exploring each group

Basic (Premium)200 LAY + 40,000 ORB30~40 per country
New100 LAY + 20,000 ORB300~350 per country

Users need $ORB tokens and $LAY tokens to explore, and after 7 days they will receive a new random zone (Tiers 1-3) with a 100% chance. Tokens dispatched for exploration are consumed and do not return.

  • Existing countries: Countries currently registered and marked as premium land (Korea, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, etc.)
    Pros: There are fewer cities, so you can take a lot of taxes.
    Cons: Expensive
  • New country Advantages: The price is cheaper than the premium, so you can hold a lot. Disadvantages: Due to a large number of cities, the tax revenue is less than the premium.

The countries that can be explored change each season, and about 1,000 explorations are possible in a season.

Even if you move on to the next season, you can browse the countries of the previous season. Also, there is a 1-2 week rest period per season, and each expedition increases the cost by 0.1%.

Scavenging and Pool

KlayCity scavenging

Purification is the main source of income for Klaycity game users. When users send LAY007 ($LAY tokens) to scavenge the world, they can mine $ORB on the land.

$LAY tokens can be staked in various pools for scavenging. The types of pools are as follows.

KlayCity land nft staking
Pool 1no locked time limit, anytime possible
Pool 23 days locked, lv 3 land needed
Pool 37 days locked, lv 2 land needed
Pool 414 days locked, after 14 days unstaking is possible
Pool 530 days locked, after 30 days unstaking is possible
Pool 6LAY-KLAY LP Pool, Non-permanent losses, which are attributed to the pool after deposit and are non-refundable.
(LP is permanently incinerated. It cannot be withdrawn)

Pools can be owned by the state and the benefits are distributed among holders of the pool-owning country with the ORB tax of the owning pool. How the state owns the pool will be revealed at a later date.

A portion of the $ORB farmed by users is paid as tax to the national treasury. Users receive a tax discount if they own a zone in the country where the pool is owned.

  • Users holding national NFTs in staking pay a 5% tax on all $ORB held in national vaults.
  • Users who do not have national NFTs being staked pay 15% tax on all $ORB farmed in the national vault.
KlayCity land nft staking
  • Example: User A owns an Italian NFT. He bet his $LAY on a pool owned by Korea. When users claim $ORB, they pay 15% tax in Korea.
  • Example: User B owns an Italian NFT. He bets his $LAY on an Italian-owned pool. When a user charges $ORB, they pay 5% tax to Italy.