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Terra World – Digital Business Metaverse project

Terra World

Terra World is a virtual world where you can do business in a digital environment. This is the first metaverse project created using Terra’s blockchain, which has been verified with Terra’s cryptocurrency LUNA and various DeFi apps.

Terra World Business

Terra World is a co-working platform that provides a virtual office and a business environment. Anyone can use the virtual space to conduct a variety of business activities, including finding a job, raising funds, or starting a business.

Startups, large corporations, and job seekers can find opportunities, pay wages with TWD tokens or UST, open a job or set up a virtual office.

Terra world

In addition, anonymity is guaranteed, and you can create a character to customize it to your taste, raise a pet, or engage in various activities.

Terra World Roadmap

Terra World
  • 2022 1st Quarter
    Metaverse Alpha Test Started, NFT Land and Pet Sales Started, TWD Token Incineration System Construction, NFT Airdrop for TWD Stakers, TWD Token Exchange Listing
  • 2022 2nd Quarter
    End of alpha test, development of additional features, start of beta test of Metaverse
  • 2022 Last Quarter
    Final test, official service start, Metaverse creator acceptance start, Terra World Metaverse mobile announcement

Note: The TWD token is a governance token used in the Terra World ecosystem.

Terra World NFT LAND

Terra World

There are 5 continents. Its headquarters, the Central Continent, is surrounded by four continents, and 181,603 LAND parcels will be distributed across all continents and will be expanded in stages.

Not all quantities go on sale, 75% public sales, 15% business partner sales, and 10% assets.

Composition of LAND

The land is composed of a total of 4 land parcels.

Smallest1×11 lot
Small3×39 lots
Medium6×636 lots
Large12×12144 lots
Largest24×24567 lots

It is divided into smallest (1 lot), small (9 lots), medium (36 lots), large (144 lots), and largest (576 lots). Landowners can design structures and layouts, create content, or mine TWD, Terra World’s governance token.

TWD Current market price (Coinmarketcap)

TWD tokens are used to purchase NFTs in the ecosystem or to vote for governance, and can also be obtained through LAND or pet NFT sales.

If many companies and users participate in Terraworld’s ecosystem and the number of uses increases, the price of TWD tokens will rise and you will be able to enjoy additional income.

Terra World LAND NFT 1st sale – Sold out in 3 sec.

Terra World

On February 26, 2022, Terra World had a land sale. A total of 933 lands were sold, and the sale price at the time was $2,000 (about 2.4 million won).

It was sold out in 3 seconds as soon as the sale started. They were very few in number, making them even rarer, and they were incredibly popular.

테라 월드

Currently, the lowest price of Land NFT in Land Marketplace is $7,400, and the price has increased about three times. The latest highest-selling rand is $7,777.

If you were able to purchase NFTs by participating in the land sale, you could get 2-3 times the profit.

Even though Terra World is just starting out, it is showing a huge price increase. It can be seen that the interest and expectations of users are high.

Factors that increase the value of Terra World LAND


Terra World is divided into two types of real estate assets, ‘Land’ and ‘Building’. In the case of land, there is a limited amount of land, and in the case of buildings, offices and landmarks can be raised depending on the size of the land in possession.

If many famous companies enter, the first metaverse project of the Terra ecosystem, or if influencers or celebrities participate, higher land and building prices can be formed. I think you can make a profit.

Terraworld discord

A few days ago, on March 24, Metakongz, the leader in the Klaytn NFT market, announced that it would sign a global partnership, so you can see that Terra World is a huge project.

Land NFT that can bring real estate income to Metaverse, isn’t it a must-have?

P2EALL x Terra World WL Event!

In the official notice on March 8th, it was announced that the second land sale would start as a whitelist event. The whitelist is a system that sells only to selected people.

The exact second land sales schedule and price have not been disclosed yet, but you can see that the sale is near imminent.

It’s very simple to enter for WL event, please click the link above and follow the steps.