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A3 : Still Alive – New P2E game by Netmarble

A3 : Still alive

Netmarble has finally entered the P2E game market. The P2E function was added while releasing the global version of ‘A3: STILL ALIVE’, which is currently in service as a game introduced this time.

A3: Still Alive is a mobile MMORPG reinterpretation of Netmarble’s own IP (intellectual property) PC online ‘A3’, which was released as a PC online game in 2002 and loved by many users.

Unlike the version in service in Korea, this global version is released as a P2E game and features the utility token ‘Inertrium’.

Supported devices are iOS, Android, and Windows, and can be installed through the official website.

Fortify and earn money with Inertrium Ore

A3 : Still alive

Inetrium is a utility token of Marblex (MBX), which is Netmarble’s own currency and key currency. In order to obtain it, you must play a dungeon named Inetrion.

In the Inetrion Dungeon, which is divided into three tiers, only characters of level 190 or higher can enter, and PK is not available for tier 3, but tiers 1 and 2 only allow characters with certain conditions to enter and PK is also possible.

A3 : Still alive

You will get Inetrion Ore by killing monsters in Inetrion Dungeon.

This ore can be collected and smelted into inetrium, and the amount of smelted inetrion ore may change depending on the exchange rate on the day. And in the process, other goods may be required as a fee.

To smelt ores, you must link your MBX wallet account. It is said that the smelted inetrium is automatically saved to the MBX wallet. And although there is no information yet, it is said that money can be exchanged through an exchange. (There is no white paper released yet, and MBX wallet cannot be created.)

A3: STILL ALIVE • Android & Ios New Games

A3: Still Alive, which has been loved for its gorgeous graphics and authentic MMORPGs, is expected to receive more love through the release of this global version and revitalize the P2E market.