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Terra World, April 2nd LAND CORE SALE

Terra world

Finally, information on Terra World Land Core Sales Round 2 has been released. A huge number of users are working hard to get on the whitelist! Today, we will take a look at the Terra World Land core information and sales schedule that many people are interested in.

Land composition and land core system

  • LAND CORE system
    Random land units can be obtained through the land core sales system. A land core can contain land units of various sizes, from 1 lot to large properties with 144 lots.
  • The unit quantity of random land that comes out through the 2nd (972 land cores) and 3rd (1005 land cores) is as follows.
    Parcel – 1,951 pieces (default size)
    Small estate – 15 pieces
    Medium estate – 9
    Large estate – 2

All land given is random, and it is said that land can be obtained randomly through the core during the subsequent land core rebuild round.

It seems that the size or grade of the land granted will be known only after the rebuild is complete.

What is Reveal?
It refers to the act of disclosing the NFT purchased or minted by a project that has not previously disclosed what NFT and what grade (a rarity) it is after a specific date.

Land Core Sales Schedule and Information

Land core sales are carried out a total of 3 times. It consists of a VIP round, a whitelist round, and a public round, and the details are as follows.

Terra World


  • When : 2022, April 2nd at 7pm ~ 8pm (KST)
  • Quantity : Total 972
  • Price : 3,300 UST (worth of TWD, Luna, or UST)
  • Who : For the VIP round you need to be higher than Terra Power tier 6
  • Per wallet : 1 allowed
  • Minting location : TWD Factory Marketplace
  • A round in which users who received a whitelist can mint 1 land core.
  • Round 2 Of the total sales volume of 972 land cores, all volumes except for the VIP round are sold in the whitelist round.

[Public Sale]

  • When : 2022, April 3rd at 10pm ~ until it lasts (KST)
  • Quantity : Leftover LAND CORE from WL round
  • Price : 3,300 UST (worth of TWD, Luna, or UST)
  • Per wallet : 1 allowed
  • Minting location : TWD Factory Marketplace

More details can be found on Terra World Official Medium.

Terra World Official Medium

You can always check the latest NFT schedule from our Calendar

It is said that 50% of Land Core Round 2 sales will be converted to TWD and burned. In the last round, more than 15.5 million TWD tokens were tenanted, and they plan to burn more in the future. Perhaps it is seen as a benefit for participants in the Terraworld ecosystem.

Terra World Land prices and cautions

Terra World

The lowest transaction price for Terra World Land on March 29, 2022 is 5,530 UST. After the sale of the first land, it is being traded at about three times the price.

The selling price of the 2nd round of Land Core is 3,300 UST, so if you succeed in purchasing, I think you can see a profit of about 2,200 UST.

If you’re not a VIP or a whitelist, you might want to try participating in a public sale that anyone can participate in. If there are any remaining unsold items on the VIP or whitelist.

It should be noted that Terra World Land NFT is not being purchased and sold with such a large volume of trading, and that it is not traded through OpenC, the best market for NFTs, but only through its own marketplace.

The Terra World game is still in its infancy, and if the game itself does not become popular, the price of the rather expensive Land NFT may drop significantly, so I think you should make a careful purchase.

As im signing off, wishing P2EALL users good luck, DYOR!!! (Do Your Own Research)