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Daily earning for Sheepfarm in Meta-land

Sheepfarm in Meta-land

P2E (play to earn) literally means to earn while playing games. The fun facts of the game are important, but the return on investment is also important.

So today, I’m going to write about how to earn money from the games I’m actually playing.

Sheepfarm in Meta-land, Investment & daily ROI

Sheepfarm in Meta-land

The NFT and token prices required for the game are based on March 30, 2022.

We also inform you in advance that there are minimum items required to enter the game.

How to play

It is an idle game in which you leave sheep on pasture (land) and collect their wool to make a profit. You can get more wool depending on the type of sheep, and by adding decorations to the ground to improve the condition of the sheep, you can receive more wool rewards.

After a certain amount of time, click the sheep to give them a snack, wash and pet them, and if you do not forget to do so, the sheep will not produce wool and the reward will be delayed. Wool production occurs once every 24 hours.

Investments & Prices on item

  • Pasture
Sheepfarm in Meta-land

Pasture (land) – 5×5 small land 199 KLAY (about $239)

It is land that can raise a total of three sheep. The largest land can have a total of 5 sheep.

  • Sheep
Sheepfarm in Meta-land

Sheep – Plan sage Stargazer 165 KLAY ($198) X 3 = $594

There are some available that are cheaper, but I chose the above for the combo feature. It’s still in early access, so the combo feature doesn’t work.

Combo Effect: Depending on the combination of sheep you have, your wool production can be much faster!

  • Snack
Sheepfarm in Meta-land

Snack – Bitter Bonbon 100ea X 0.025 MARD = 2.5 MARD (about $7, 1MARD = $2.80)

Currently, the only snack is Bitter Bonbon, which preserves sheep’s stamina for 8 hours. Fleece rewards drop sharply when the sheep’s health drops below 50%.

I set it to be automatically paid out when the sheep’s health is below 50%. The total number of snacks consumed per day per sheep is 6 (4 hours X 6 = 24 hours). In a month, you will need about 180.

Snacks are consumable items and must be purchased again when consumed. You can purchase snacks with MARD tokens earned by obtaining wool.

※ MARD is a token that is rewarded and used in the game of Sheepfarm in Meta-land.

Total investment

ItemAmountInvestment in coinIn USD
Pasture1199 KLAY$239
Sheep3495 KLAY$594
Snack1804.5 MARD$12.60

A total of 3 types of items are required, in USD it’s about $845.60.

Sheepfarm in meta-land requires a minimum of $850ish.

What are the daily earnings? How about APR?

The table above shows the number of MARD tokens rewarded per sheep per day. The amount you earn per day depends on the type of sheep.

My sheep is a Plane Sage Stargazer and there is 3 total. In actual fleece recovery, 0.4065 MARD per sheep was rewarded.

2022.3.31 MARD price

That is, the daily profit is 1.2195 MARD (0.4065 X 3). Based on the current MARD token price, it generates about $3.30 per day.

APR: 3.3 X 365 ÷ 845.6 = 1.42% (revenue earned per day X 1 year ÷ principal)

So the APR is about 1.42%. To be honest It’s a bit disappointing that the interest rate isn’t as high as I expected.

Since there are items in the game that can incur additional costs continuously, the actual revenue won’t be that great.

Another thing to consider is the price of the MARD token.

Right now, 1 MARD = $2.80, but it is possible the price of MARD tokens may drop after some time. As a result, the APR will change too, right?

Is it still worth playing? Possible for return on principal

Sheepfarm in Meta-land consists of NFT items necessary to participate in the game, so it can be sold through NFT markets such as OpenSea and Pala.

In other words, if the game is maintained and the box office is successful, the principal can be recovered at any time. I think this is a very big advantage.


  • Total investment amount : $850 (Pasture, 3 Sheep, 180 Snacks)
  • APR : 1.42% (revenue earned per day x 1 yr / principal)
  • Daily earning : Approximately $3.30
  • The items necessary for the game are composed of NFTs, and the principal of the investment can be recovered by reselling them.
My Pasture in play

It is recommended for those who want to play P2E games where the investment can be recovered at any time. 🙂

You can also check out the below link for detail content on how to play the game