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playtoearn_nft, token, coin price

We are p2eAll, a global network for information exchange that supports P2E, NFT, and DeFi.

We have updated by including new features so that users can use this platform more frequently, more, and for a longer period of time.

I’ll guide you through in-depth the features of p2eAll

that have recently received significant changes.

Include the LOGIN function (Membership Registration)

playtoearn_nft, token, coin price

Joining is simple if you have a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

After logging in as a member, you can access a variety of functions.

My Profile – My Page

playtoearn_nft, token, coin price
  • Holding p2eAll
    Available point in p2eAll. Participate in activities to get points and climb the rankings.
  • My Rank
    You gain additional advantages as you rise.
  • Event Notification
    Send updates about your favorite projects and events to the email address you have on registry.

p2eAll – My Information

playtoearn_nft, token, coin price

By connecting your Telegram, Discord, email, and wallet, you may take part in events offered by p2eAll fast and effortlessly.

Through the wallet linking features of Metamask and Kaikas, you may receive different events at the connected wallet address.

Add p2eAll – Token & NFT Price

playtoearn_nft, token, coin price
Token & NFT Price

The P2E, NFT, DeFi project tokens, and NFT market pricing may now be quickly and easily viewed.

  • You can look for the current value of popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and others.
  • Price of P2E and DeFi project tokens can be viewed.
  • You may look for the Floor Price for NFT projects that are listed in the open sea

Add the function “My Favorite Projects”

playtoearn_nft, token, coin price

With the Favorites tool, you can quickly gather and examine all of the projects you’ve selected. You can also quickly check the lowest NFT (Floor Price) and token prices.

Log In → My Page→ My Profile → After you’ve navigated to your preferred project, you may use it.

Additionally, p2eAll is working hard to offer more services and events in the future in order to better serve people.

Please look forward to it in the future as we are working hard to become the greatest P2E, NFT, and DeFi comprehensive information platform with greater features and a variety of events.

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