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How to add Klaytn (KLAY) to MetaMask

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How can I connect Klaytn Network with MetaMask?

You can store, transmit, and manage cryptocurrencies

like Ethereum, BNB, and KLAY on your own

with MetaMask, a Google browser extension S/W.

Step 1. Install Meta Mask

> In this example, the Chrome browser will be used. (Set up Chrome)
Add the Chrome MetaMask Extension.
Note: If you’re using another browser, you might need to install more things.

Step 2. Generate a MetaMask Wallet

Click > [Get started]

Click on [Create a Wallet] > Set a password.

You will be given a seed phrase of 12 words. save it safely.

There is a video about it. The topic is “How to protect your wallet.” If you’re new around here, I’d advise you to watch it.

Restoring your wallet requires the seed phrase alone. You run the risk of losing all of your money if you share your seed word with others. It is advised that you either manually record it or keep it on an offline device.

Installation and initial configuration of Metamask are now finished.

Step 3 : Connecting KLAYTN network to Metamask

After installing metamask It seems like the screen above

when you first launch it. Only the Ethereum mainnet exists.

You must [add network] add-on KLAYTN mainnet via

in order to utilize KLAYTN mainnet.

Select [Custom RPC] from the Network menu, which is set to be on Ethereum Mainnet by default.

Enter the Klaytn chain’s Endpoint Node (EN) data.

Please click [Save] after entering the data as displayed on the screen above and making reference to the data below.


The MetaMask wallet now includes support for the Klaytn Network.

Now that KLAY Coin and Klaytn-based tokens have been

added to MetaMask, they may be utilized.

This blog post was written for users who are new to MetaMask.

Users who participated in the p2eAll event

should earn KLAY Coins via the Metamask installation process, we anticipate.

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