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New function added : Guild Service Open

Guild Open

Welcome back to p2eAll.

p2eAll has now launched a brand-new guild service!

When playing games like p2e, m2e, etc.,

many p2eAll players are ready to provide advice or details about the game.

You may not only obtain information

but also participate in events more readily than previously.

What is the p2eAll Guild?

A fundamental aspect of the community for players

who prefer p2e and m2e games is the p2eAll guild system.

In addition, members receive tasks in the form of missions.

It offers enjoyment and value of utilizing the platform

beyond merely receiving and sending communications and

fundamental game information.

Additionally, a variety of Web3 events,

including coin airdrops and whitelist rewards, are generated based on

guild engagement and mission participation.

Do not miss it in order to open the guild for the project you are now active on.

Join the guild today while it’s still available!

By sharing project tips, you may earn a variety of bonuses through daily missions.

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