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We’ll give a quick explanation of the October 5th-launched P2E game “Birdie Shot” ๐Ÿฅณ

Q. Is free to play Birdie shot?

โ†’ Yes, it’s free to play, and you may compete for GOLD in-game tokens to win them. The GOLD obtained is able to converted into BORA and BIRDIE tokens.

Q. What types of devices does Birdie shot support?

โ†’ It can only currently be used with the Android operating system.

Q. Are there any nations where you can’t play?

โ†’ Korea, China, or Singapore cannot be downloaded or installed.

Q. Is it possible to install or play Birdie Shot in unplayable locations?

โ†’ Through a VPN, you may both install and play. The steps are listed below.

Q. Do I simply need to install the game for Birdie Shot to earn me coins?

โ†’ No. To receive coins, a wallet must be installed.

Q. What exactly is a wallet? Which should I set up?

โ†’ Install MetaMask or Kaikas immediately.
MetaMask installation guide
Kaikas installation guide

Q. I’m curious about connecting a wallet.

Please stick to the guidelines below.

To utilize Birdie Shot NFT in the game, users must link the wallet containing the NFT.

1. Play the Birdie Shot game

2. Click the setting icon

3. Connect Wallet Press the Wallet Connect button.

4. Choose the wallet that is installed on your phone (Metamask or Kaikas)

5. After the BORA PORTAL pop-up > click the Connect Wallet button > the web browser is opened.

6. After you click Sign, Confirm, and Add Token, the wallet connection is finished!

Q. How can I bring it back the NFTs I purchased?

โ†’ By connecting the wallet that contains the Birdie Shot NFT and carrying out the procedures listed below, you can activate the character.

1. After launching Birdie Shot > the main page > click the [+] button.

2. Click NFT menu.

3. By selecting the character or CC Club menu, you may display your NFTs.

4. To utilize your own character, click the Unseal button and then select Summon Character.

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