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Welcome back to p2eAll.

PPROVERS is a Web3 activity service project that rewards people for taking pictures and providing proof of their activities in everyday life.

Intro about PROVERS

p2eAll is airdropping via the PROVERS project, so please take part.

Airdrops are divided into 3 categories.

  • TKLE airdrops worth $2
  • TKLE airdrops worth $20
  • When you invite a friend to an event, you can receive up to 800 USDT in airdrops.

From now on, p2eAll will explain how to take part in the PROVERS airdrop event!

1. p2eAll – Browse to the PROVERS airdrop page.

1. Browse to the airdrop page on the p2eAll website.

2. Take part in the $2 TKLE Airdrop.

First : A simple action can participate in the $2 worth of TKLE airdrops.

  • Join PROVERS Discord
  • Follow PROVERS Twitter
  • Request to open PROVERS Guild
  • Connect Wallet to p2eAll website (Metamask or Kaikas)
  • Visit PROVERS Website

If you complete the preceding actions, you will receive $2 in TKLE.

he paid TKLE can be obtained by connecting to the wallet via the PROVERS website.

Access the PROVERS Service Usage Guide

To activate the PROVERS service, please refer to the following service usage guide:)

3. Invite a friend to the airdrop event & you could win up to 800 USDT!

The user who invites the most friends to the PROVERS airdrop event will receive up to 800 USDT in prize money.

  • TOP 1 – 800 USDT
  • TOP 2 – 400 USDT
  • TOP 3 – 200 USDT
  • TOP 4 – 50 USDT
  • TOP 5 – 50 USDT

Now is the time to invite your friends to the airdrop event and win big prizes:)

4. Complete the PROVERS quest to receive $20 in TKLE.

By completing the PROVERS quest with paid TKLE tokens, you can earn $20 in TKLE even if you only complete one of the 1st ~ 3rd week quests.

PROVERS Quest Participation Guide

It lasts 3 weeks, and you can earn an extra $20 in TKLE by following the quest participation guide.

  • Quest Schedule for 1st Week : 2022. 11. 14 ~ 11. 20
  • Quest Schedule for 2nd Week : 2022. 11. 21 ~ 11. 27
  • Quest Schedule for 3rd Week : 2022. 11. 28. ~ 12. 4
  • To connect MetaMask or Kaikas > go to the PROVERS website and click ‘Connect Wallet.’
  • Please choose one quest to challenge in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Please see the quest participation guide below for more information on how to participate in quests.

PROVERS – How to Link Your Wallet and Participate in Quests

PROVERS – YouTube Shorts Directory




The quest is simple, and you can earn $20 in TKLE for one morning task and one photo upload, as well as one afternoon task and one photo upload.

Join the p2eAll airdrop now to receive all of the prizes:)

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