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Intro of The King of Fighters Arena

 The King of Fighters Arena_Mining

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The fighting game ‘The King of Fighters,’ which was released by SNK in Japan in August 1994 and has a long history, was renamed ‘The King of Fighters ARENA’ with the addition of a P&E (Play and Earn) function.

After A3: Steel Alive and Ni no Kuni: Cross World, it is a blockchain game project developed and released by Netmarble that is based on MBX.

NFT Controller – P&E Items

The King of Fighters Arena is completely free to play.

However, controller NFTs are required for P&E, i.e. mining (rewarding).

You can earn FM through gameplay by holding controller NFTs. (FM is the in-game currency)

Controller Class Abilities Table

Controllers have different ranks and levels. The ability varies depending on the rank, as does the FM rewarded.

Controller NFT purchase cost

 The King of Fighters Arena_Mining
(Top) In-game NFT purchase screen / (Bottom) MBX Marketplace website
 The King of Fighters Arena_Mining

Controller NFTs can be purchased through the app or MBX NFT Marketplace.

Controller NFT Purchase Price – The NFT price as of December 9, 2022 is as follows. (on the basis of a common level)

App NFT Cost – 2,400 Diamonds (159.96 USD)

Lowest Price on the MBX Marketplace – 120 MBX (165.34 USD)

The initial investment will be approximately 160 USD per controller.

You can buy NFTs in the app by paying diamonds, and MBX Marketplace can buy NFTs with MBX tokens.

Game Goods (Token)

The following are the goods used in the game.

(Left) FCT Token / (Right) FM

FM (Fighter’s Club Token) – a utility token that can be exchanged for FCT and used freely outside of the game.

FM (Fight Money) is an in-game currency that can be earned. When holding the controller NFT, this is possible. Outside of the game, it cannot be used.

After receiving FM rewards and exchanging them for FCT, you can use MBX SWAP to exchange them for MBX tokens.

Game Mode

There are three game modes, which are listed below. (This could be update later.)

  • Practice Mode – This mode allows you to practice with AI.
  • 1 VS 1 Individual Battle – A mode in which two players choose three characters each and must win two of three rounds to win.
  • 3 VS 3 Battle of annihilation- A mode in which six players each choose one character to participate in a three-on-three battle. A mode in which the team that defeats all of the opposing teams wins.

FM is not paid in practice mode. Individual battles pay less FM than elimination battles.

Earn FM

  • At the top of the main screen, the number of FMs you have is displayed.
  • FM rewards are required for controller NFTs.
  • FM is rewarded as a reward after each battle or annihilation mode battle. (More FM paid for winning)
  • FM is more rewarded in battle of annihilation mode than in standalone mode.
  • The FM you receive will differ depending on your controller level and game tier.
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond are the tiers, and each tier is divided into five levels.

How to Exchange FM (Turn in to cash)

FM → FCT → MBXL → MBX → MBX Cash Out after selling on a publicly traded exchange.

You can cash in the FM earned through the game by following the steps outlined above.

Purchase Black Diamond

A fee concept item known as Black Diamond is required to exchange FM for FCT. (FM + Black Diamond → FCT Token)

Every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to Wednesday 10:00 AM, you can exchange FM for Black Diamonds at the Black Diamond Exchange.

Black Diamond can be exchanged for up to 5,000 FM per day.

You must use the Black Diamond Shop to obtain more Black Diamonds.

FM → FCT Exchange

Through the Token Exchange menu, you can exchange FM for FCT.

It is only available on the PC version, and there is no token exchange menu in the mobile app.

The current exchange rate is 400:1. Exchange rates are subject to fluctuation.

400 FM can be converted into 1 FCT.

When the token exchange is finished, the FCT tokens will be delivered to the MBX wallet associated with your game account.

FCT → MBXL Exchange.

The MBXL token serves as a link between game tokens and MBX tokens.

MBXL → MBX Exchange. The exchange ratio is 1:1.

The FCT tokens for MBX tokens exchange has been completed.

MBX tokens can now be transferred to listed exchanges (DEX, CEX) and traded or sold for cash.

Tip: I sent the MBX token from the MBX wallet directly to the Kaikas wallet, and it was received without issue.

Upgrade & Mining Count Controller

I’m using 3 controllers of common level.

Quantity of controllerMining energy (number of times)
mining count based on controller holdings

Mining energy is affected by the controller’s holdings.

Even if you play the game, there is no FM reward if you run out of energy.

Every 6 hours, the energy is recharged by 25%.

My controller level is 13, and I’ve made every effort to mine FM as efficiently as possible.

LevelEarning Point

You can upgrade your controller via FM, and the points you receive vary depending on the level.

Daily mining earnings

Let’s calculate it using the market price on December 9, 2022 and a win rate of 50%.

  • Controller Level: 13 (Efficiency 61, Luck 7, Comfort 4, Elasticity 10)
  • Number of Minings per Day (Number of Plays): 20
  • FM received when winning: 648 FM
  • FM received when defeated: 162 FM
  • Cost of 20 controller repairs – 4,060 FM (11 USD)
  • Tier: Gold 1
  • Win rate: 50%
  • FM → FCT exchange rate: 400 :1
  • FCT price: 1.1 USD

A daily income of about $22 is generated. (22 USD = 20 FCTs)

After game 1, the repair cost screen appears (mining)
Controller NFT holding amount / LevelMining energyController levelFCT quoteFCT earned per day$
3 / Common20131.1 USD10 FCT (11 USD)$11

Taking into account the 11 USD spent on repairing the controller 20 times,

If the FCT token is kept, the initial investment of $460 will be recovered in about 42 days.

Investment Summary

Initial investment cost: about $460
Daily revenue: about $11
Payback period for investment: about 42 days
APR: $11 X 365 ÷$460 X 100 = 872%

That is a very high interest rate. If the FCT token price remains stable, it will be a fantastic game.

You can mine FM more than twice as much if you upgrade to the Platinum tier. WOW~

Support device

A total of 3 devices are supported by Android, iOS, and PC (Windows).

PC Version Minimum / Recommended Specifications

It’s a mobile game, but the PC support is well-thought-out.

In this article, we examined The King of Fighters Arena, a recently released fighting game with a P2E function.

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