Meta World : My City2 - How to connect Marblex Wallet

Welcome back to p2eAll 🙂

Today p2eAll will going to show to you how to connect the Marblex wallet in order to use Meta World : My City’s P2E and NFT Features.

To begin, please see the blog below to learn how to sign up for Marblex Wallet.

1. Log In : Meta World : My City

In the screenshot above, click the menu button in the top right corner of the red box.

Click the gear icon..

Click the [Account] menu, followed by the [MARBLEX Integration] menu.

Open a web browser and sign in to the Marblex wallet account you want to link to the game.

When you successfully log in to your wallet, a screen will appear asking you to connect your wallet to the game.

Click the [Link] button.

A message will appear stating that the wallet cannot be changed once it has been linked.

If you are agree, click the [Link] button.

When the connection is complete, you will see a screen similar to the one shown above.

The connection is successful if the MARBLEX integration button is disabled.

Please check the article below for introduction on how to buy and exchange Meta Cash for Meta World : My city in game token.

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