Meta World : My City is a meta verse real estate game that replace the popular mobile board game ‘Let’s Get Rich’ from Netmarble.

By incorporating Meta World, a real-world cadastral based meta verse space, into the game. You can enjoy a casual board game that has evolved from its predecessor, and they have added various fun contents such as real estate investment and building construction.

Unlike , previous version, Meta World : My City allows you to purchase real estate and earn extra money through the Meta World Mode.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to buy real estate, the return on investment (ROI), and the annucal percentage rate (APR)

How to purchase Real Estate

Crystal, a game currency, are required to purchase real estate.

Click the purple, +shaped item at the top of the game’s main screen.

Dia can be exchanged in for Crystals. (Dia is obtained through in-app purchases.)

You can also exchange MBX tokens for crystals; instructions are included in the attached post.

Real Estate Purchases

There are 2 main way to purchase real estate in Meta World : My City.

The first method is to file a land claim, and the second is to hold an auction.

Let’s start with how to buy via auction.

Land for Auction

Click the image to see more information

Land Auction become available at regular intervals.

The first property auction is Manhattan, New York.

There are several types of real estate available, including vacant land, annex territory, and land with structures.

For a detailed real estate subscription schedule, please see the official forum link below.

[ANN] 1st Manhattan Real Estate Draw & Auction Schedule – Meta World: My City

If there are ongoing auction in the process, it will pop up right next

The Real Estate Draw button appears on the right side of the main screen if an offer is active.

Click the button to join it.

A list of currently active Real Estate Draw is displayed. You’ll see details like the offer price and whether or not you’re eligible to participate.

To participate in a drew, you’ll need the crystals you purchased in the previous step.

Crystals can be obtained through board game wins or by exchanging them for diamonds at the Crystal Exchange.

You can earn gold invitations by sharing your invitation code with friends.

The Invite a Friend event menu appears when you click on an available building, as shown in the screenshot above.

Real Estate Draw

The status button changes to [Cancel Entry] when you join.

All that is left is to wait until the draw. Congratulations to the lucky winner.👏👏

Your spent currency will be returned if you do not win, but your gold invitation will not be returned.

Public Auctions of Real Estate

Auctions are a price-based system that allows users to compete for real estate that no one else owns.

If there is an auction going on, an auction button will appear on the right, and clicking it will take you to the auction event screen.

Once on the event screen, you can navigate to the desired auction area in the event list.

Crystals are used, as is the draw.

For more information on real estate terminology, property rankings, policies, and so on, please see the official guide attached below.

Meta World : My City official guide

Understanding your real estate return on investment (ROI)

My real estate Meta World : My City

I paid 56,000 crystals for a property.

One dollar is equal to 100 crystals, and the property I purchased is worth $560 in crystals.

When you own a property, you will be rewarded on a daily basis with crystals or Meta Cash based on your investment grade and percentage of investment (investments less than A- will be rewarded in crystals).

Investment Bonus

Increase your investment percentage by owning more properties to earn more rewards.

You can get up to twice the reward if you own more than 10 properties.

Investor Grand Perks

When you spend enough crystals or Meta Cash in the Meta World to qualify for a tier increase, your investment tier will rise.

In my case, I spent a total of 56,000 crystals on real estate purchases, raising my investment grade to A-.

Real Estate Reward

The image above illustrates the detailed reward selection formula.

Simply put, the greater your investment, the greater your returns.

How long will it take for me to redeem a capital invested?

Let’s use my criteria to calculate the investment payback period.

Meta Cash is calculated using the ITU token, which does not have a ticker and can be exchanged.

(The exchange rate between Meta Cash and Crystal on April 24 was 1:1.099712.)

  • Total Investment : 56,000 크리스탈 (Approx. 560 USD, Approx. 50,922 Meta Cash)
  • Daily Real Estate Reward : 75 Meta Cash (7.5 ITU = 0.821 USD)
  • 50,922(Investment cash , Meta Cash) ÷ 75 (Daily Reward Meta Cash) = 678.96

The payback period is about 679 days.

That’s a long time to wait for your money back.

What is the yearly rate of return?

I also calculated an annualized return.

The annual rental yield, calculated as if it were real estate, is 52.8%.

However, if the market price of the token changes, the yield may change.

Furthermore, according to the pre-launch AMA, Meta World: My City will add more games of various genres in order to become a comprehensive gaming platform for users worldwide, so it will be interesting to watch.

Today, we looked over the yields of the recently released real estate board game Meta World.

Because it is new, there are numerous item rewards, and you can play the board game for free, why not give Meta World: My City a shot?😁

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