GAME DOSI launches membership NFT & community launch event!
LINE NEXT’s game platform – GAME DOSI

On May 11, 2023, GAME DOSI, LINE Next’s WEB3 gaming platform, launched the community.

LINE Next is a company that LINE founded to expand the global NFT ecosystem, and GAME DOSI is a project that was founded with the slogan “Gamers First, Web3 Next.”

GAME DOSI enables users to interact with various WEB3 features through gameplay, even if they are unfamiliar with WEB3 or blockchain. It is an all-in-one gaming platform for developers that allows for onboarding, launching, and operation, making it simple to create blockchain games.

They will also provide NFT trading via the GAME DOSI store. Through NFTs, you can also enjoy and monetize a variety of games.

GAME DOSI Discord Community Open

GAME DOSI -Discord Community

GAME DOSI has launched a Discord server as a community space for users to gather prior to the full game’s release.

Discord Community –

The community will now be able to learn about GAME DOSI’s news, new games, events, and more in real time.

Community Open Event

GAME DOSI Community Open Event

They’re holding two events with massive rewards to coincide with the community’s launch. 

It’s a simple mission that takes only 3 minutes to complete, and the NFTs you’ll receive will allow you to play upcoming games on GAME DOSI, so don’t miss out!

📆 The event Duration : May 11, at 02:00 a.m. ~  May 31, 2023 at 02:00 a.m. (UTC).

Event 1.
– Project GD NFT will be airdropped to those who completed 3 missions through Gleam
– Mission Details
1. Sign up for DOSI Wallet and submit your address
2. Join GAME DOSI Discord
3. GAME DOSI Twitter – Follow and Retweet
– Participate in the Mission :

Event 2.
– Depending on the number of GAME DOSI Discord sign-ups, additional NFTs will be provided through a draw for all Discord users

– Additional rewards depending on the number of GAME DOSI Discord sign-ups
1. Reached 20,000: 100 people are picked to receive Sweet Monster Guardians Rare NFT via airdrop

2. Reached 30,000: 1,000 people are picked to receive DOSI Citizen X GAME DOSI Edition NFT via airdrop

Because of its unique game element design, the DOSI Citizen X GAME DOSI Edition NFT is likely to be even rarer.

The GAME DOSI Medium has more information about the event.

GAME DOSI Membership Launched

GAME DOSI NFT membership with special benefits and large rewards is now available.

To commemorate the launch, this membership NFT will be available in two passes: Gold and Platinum.

Benefits of GAME DOSI Membership

[Benefits of Gold & Platinum Membership]
– Early Purchase of in-game items
– Special Discount
– In-game NFT Giveaway
– GAME DOSI Incentive Program
– In-game Tournament Tickets

[Benefits of Platinum Membership]
– Early Access to new games
– Exclusive Drops (Membership-only sale)

GAME DOSI membership gives you in-game benefits and rewards, and Platinum Pass holders get two extra special benefits.

NFT Sales Membership Details

  • Sales Schedule: May 18, 2023, 5:00 AM ~ May 23, 2023, 6:00 AM (UTC)
  • Sales Price: Gold Pass — 150 USD / Platinum Pass — 180 USD
  • Sales Quantity: Gold Pass — 1,500 / Platinum Pass — 2,500
  • Purchase Website : GAME DOSI Website

NFT Membership Launch Event

A special event with additional benefits for Membership NFT buyers will also take place.

Every membership NFT purchased, regardless of tier, will receive a DOSI Citizen X GAME DOSI Edition NFT.

This is a limited edition NFT available only to members.

Platinum members will also receive 100 Citizen Dog X GAME DOSI Edition NFTs weekly for four weeks.

If you want to obtain some of the rare GAME DOSI NFTs, you should purchase and maintain a Platinum membership.

GAME DOSI – 2023’s second half-year game lineup

The second half-year game lineup for GAME DOSI in 2023 has finally been revealed.

Casual Defense: Sweet Monsters

Sweet Monster Guardians is a defense game with adorable graphics and one-of-a-kind character cards that you can “drag and drop” to defend your village.

GAME DOSI is holding a pre-sale of Sweet Monster Guardians PFP NFTs for members only.

Social Network: DKR (Drawshop Kingdom Rebirth)

Drawshop Kingdom Rebirth is a social network game (SNG) in which players earn JOY tokens by possessing an NFT avatar and operating a shop.

Players can use a variety of NFTs and pixel art to decorate their shop and improve their strategy.

The game features a diverse set of gameplay elements, including Tycoon elements and a PvP system.

Role Playing: V.L.O (Vestria The Last Order) / Keroz

SIS Studio’s Vestria the Last Order (V.L.O) is a role-playing (RPG) game based on the fantasy concept of a battle between light and darkness.

V.L.O includes a wide range of character cards to help you build your deck and explore dungeons.

If you like Final Fantasy-style RPGs, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Role Playing: Keroz

Keroz is an action roguelike based on HACK & SLASH.

The role-playing game, which is available for PC and mobile devices, provides a spectacular action-packed experience.

Project GD : Self-Producing Games on LINE NEXT

Line Next is creating a game called Project GD.

Details are still limited, but based on the released footage, it appears to be a turn-based RPG game.

There’s plenty to enjoy with gorgeous graphics and a wide variety of NFT items to play with.

Games in a variety of genres will be released later this year and promoted as they become available.

Joining the GAME DOSI Discord community will keep you up to date on events and game launches.

Intro: Sweet Monster Game

Coming in the second half of 2023 – Sweet Monster

Sweet Monster is a new type of combined defense game that features simple controls, skills, character compounding, town development, and other features. It’s a lighthearted game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Sweet Monster- Official Teaser

It’s a well-crafted game with a cute design and colorful characters that will be released on GAME DOSI in the second half of 2023.

Sweet Monster NFT Launch

GAME DOSI will have Sweet Monster NFTs available.

The five tiers are Normal, Great, Rare, Elite, and Epic.

By purchasing Sweet Monster NFTs and making them your protagonist, you can gain special abilities in each stage and earn more diamond rewards.

In addition, diamonds earned in-game will be issued as FT items on Finzia in the future and may be linked to the GAME DOSI reward program.

Info : Sweet Monster NFT Sales

The Sweet Monster NFT sale will be divided into two sections: GAME DOSI membership-only and general.

[GAME DOSI Membership Exclusive Sale Drops]
– Schedule: May 18, 2023, 5:00 AM – May 24, 2023, 6:00 AM (UTC)
– Organized by Rare, Elite, and Epic
– Select and purchase NFTs of a fixed tier
– Available at a discounted price (10% Rare, 20% Elite, 30% Epic)

[General Sale Drops]
– Schedule: May 26, 2023 starting at 6:00 AM (UTC)
– Receive a randomized tier of NFTs (1 Rare, 1 Elite, 1 Epic)
– All purchasers will receive 1 random NFT of Normal grade

Visit the GAME DOSI promotion site for more information on the Sweet Monster NFTs.

LINE NEXT’s GAME DOSI will lead the WEB3 game market by providing the best solution for both users and developers.

We are excited about the future and hope that you will enjoy GAME DOSI’s various benefits and fun WEB3 games.

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