MARBLEX held an AMA for on May 24th.

Thanks to user suggestions, it was announced that the game is undergoing a major overhaul to improve the game ecosystem.

p2eAll summarizes the highlights, updates, and questions and answers in this article.

Main Contents

This AMA focused on the suggestions for improvements to the real estate system that MARBLEX received from players. MARBLEX has been working to reorganize and improve the real estate system, from changing the goods required for real estate content to adjusting the price and quantity of real estate.

They also balanced the first-turn double-dice cards in the board game by lowering their probability, and we added a character summoning bonus system that allows players to get the character they want after a certain number of attempts.

Furthermore, the MetaWorld: My City Marketplace will be available soon. This is where you can freely trade Structural NFTs, Character NFTs, and other NFTs.

Real Estate Changes

1. Changes to Currency used in certain Real Estate Contents

  • Change the currency to [Gold], which is used for structure repair, exterior editing, land merging and name change

2. Changes to the Method of Calculating Real Estate Points

  • Changed method counting the number of structures to counting the number of cells
  • Add bonus point for structure size, making it more advantageous to combine land to have a large structure rather than many small structures

3. Improved Probability of Structure Upgrade

  • Rating reductions for failed structure upgrades are being removed
  • Decreased the need to upgrade structures
  • Structure rating get a bonus patch

Event & updates and other details

1. Events to Commemorate the Update! The cost of structure construction will be refunded 100%

Meta World offering a full refund of the cost of building structures to players who need to change the way they invest in real estate due to the revamp of the real estate system under certain condition.


  • The structure had to be demolished.
  • Structures constructed during the event must be kept up until the end of the event.
  • You are only eligible for one refund per land, regardless of size. The cost of upgrading structures, on the other hand, is non-refundable.
  • This event is not open to players who have a history of abusing or being sanctioned.

2. Other occurrences and changes

[Real Estate Draw / Auction Rep-opening Schedule]

  • Real estate draw & auction events have been temporarily suspended in order to stabilize the ecosystem within Meta World real estate. Events will resume after the updates.
  • In the future, Genesis Land in the Manhattan area will be expanded.

[Real estate price logic changes coming soon]]

  • Many players expressed concern that real estate points (the asking price of a structure) did not accurately reflect the transaction price.
  • Some players had difficulty selling land to other players.
  • To correct the distorted market, we are removing all existing real estate listings from the Trading Center.


Q : Do you have any plans to increase Meta Cash usability in order to generate demand for ITU and MBX and improve user ROI?

A : We are in discussions with the development team about expanding the usability of Meta Cash in order to increase the token’s value. For example, the ability to purchase Champion tickets with Meta Cash is being considered.

Q : When will the new mini games be available? I’m interested in future updates.

A : Several games, beginning with a 3-match puzzle game, will be updated later this year. Goal is to provide a variety of games based on the Meta World concept, allowing more players to immerse themselves in and enjoy the game.

Q : I believe the rewards for the board game season are insufficient in comparison to the effort. Does MARBLEX intend to make any changes?

A : We recognize that the current season’s rewards may not be proportional to the effort put in. To address this, we are considering shortening the season while increasing the rewards. Goal is to ensure that board game players are sufficiently motivated to participate actively in each season.

Q : Is there any intention of increasing the number of premium structures?

A : Currently, the number of premium structures is limited to 5% of the total number of plots in each region. This will be the case for any future regions (Paris, Bangkok) that are added. We plan to add premium structures that are differentiated by region to enhance scarcity and benefits.

Q : What innovative features are you planning to add to increase the utilization of virtual land beyond daily rewards, as we believe this will help to increase investor activeness, value, and attractiveness?

A : We will update the regular lottery system for Structure NFT holders later this year. The number of raffle tickets awarded will be proportional to the size and upgrade tier of the player’s structure. As prizes, event winners will receive NFTs or items.

Q : The NFT feature is currently only available on PC; are there any plans to expand the NFT feature to mobile?

A : Without a doubt. Following this update, NFTs will be available on mobile in the near future.

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I think this update will make the game a better ecosystem.

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