Trouble Punk, a blockchain based game developed by Catze Labs, is launching an event with a numerous of prizes to commemorate the start of Early Access before the full release.

Trouble Punk is a 3D casual battle royal game that is available in both Free to Play (F2P) and Play to Earn (P2E) modes.

This Early Access, which begins on June 13, 2023, will be accompanied by a massive rewards event to introduce the game to a wide range of users.

Notice : Early Access Release of Trouble Punk

Notice : Trouble Punk Early Access Celebration Event

How to Register for Trouble Punk and Download the Game

YOOLDO – Blockchain Game Platform

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Yooldo supports a variety of wallets, including Meta Mask and Face Wallet, and provides additional features such as token swaps, deposits, withdrawals, NFT’s and airdrops.

Thanks to the Yooldo project team, you can also easily and quickly check your ranking in games, participation in event, and more at a glance.

A Battle Royal game that will make your palm sweat

Trouble Punk is a casual battle royal genre with up to 8 players in a league, where players compete for victory by collecting dropped points in a limited amount of time.

The format is similar to Brawl Starts, an iconic game in the battle royal genre, and is unique in that the winner is determined by the player who accumulates the most points, rather than the order in which opponents are defeated.

Different characters have different offensive and defensive tendencies, which you can exploit by strategics your way through the various terrain features.

You have 5 minutes per round and 1 extra life, which means that if you die twice, you will no longer be able to participate in the game and will be forced to just watch it.

Characters and items of various types

Each character in Trouble Punk has unique weapons and abilities, allowing you to conquer on your enemies in a variety of ways.

At the moment, 6 characters have been identified, each with their own set of weapons and abilities, such as a dragon sword, monkey spanner, baseball bat, dice bomb, electronic yo-yo, and boxing gloves.

There are several terrain features to choose from, and depending on your character, you can attack or defend your way to win.

There are also a variety of items that can be obtained through farming.

Whether it’s a bazooka that deals ranged damage, a booster that increases your speed for a limited time, or food that replenishes your character’s HP, these items can help you outwit your opponents and secure victory.

Amazing graphics and a great hit satisfaction

Trouble Punk – Combat Footage

Trouble Punk’s graphics and composition, including movement, combat effects, and various terrain features, are more detailed than in other blockchain games.

Natural movement, fascinating effects, and sound will increase your immersion in the game and make it difficult to look away from the action.

It’s a well-made game that’s simple to control and enjoyable for players of all ages.

P2E leagues : A system that matches players based on their skill level.

Trouble Punk implemented the P2E League system in order to provide players with fair and competitive game play. 

This system automatically places players in leagues based on their skill level.

This ensures that players are playing against similarly level opponents and are not stressed by a large skill gap.

Each league has 8 matches, and after a certain number of matches, you’ll enter a stage of compensation.

To ensure fair play, a unique system known as the jury system is used to prevent abusing or other forms of cheating.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click here to learn more about the Jury Dao System.

The jury will examine replays for cheating, and if a player wins by cheating, they will forfeit all of their rewards.

The jury system prevents cheating and promotes a fair gaming environment.

Inflation-Free Compensation Model

The league reward system in Trouble Punk is based on a fair compensation model.

The top 80% of players will receive withdrawable rewards, while the bottom 20% will receive non-withdrawable in-game rewards.

These conditions ensure that the purchasing and selling pressure of reward tokens remains constant and that users are able to enjoy the game while it increases without inflation.

Players can earn an economic benefit of about 1% to 2.5% of the participation fee if they perform well in the game, which makes them more focused on the game.

Free to play, anyone with a Google account can join!

Trouble Punk is Free to Play, which allows players to enjoy the game without the need for NFTs or other crypto assets.

Trouble Punk – 3rd place in the Early Access Event

You are able to sign up and log in using your existing Google account to begin playing right away.

This low-barrier system allows existing Web 2 gamers to participate in and enjoy Web 3 blockchain games.

Total Prize Pool : $300,000 $OAS early access event with daily rewards

๐ŸŽฎํŠธParticipate in the Trouble Punk Early Access Event. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
Click here

Trouble Punk has completed two CBTs and is now releasing the game in Early Access. They’re holding an event to go along with it, and participants will be rewarded!

Sign up for the Yooldo platform by clicking the join link, then download and launch the Trouble Punk game, enter your Yooldo registration information, and you’ll be logged in to Trouble Punk.

You will be rewarded for signing up for Trouble Punk through your Google account and participating in League Battle Mode during the Early Access event. (There are no prizes in Free Battle Mode.)

Trouble Punk League Battle Participation Step by Step ๐Ÿ‘ˆClick

To claim your Early Access event rewards, follow our step-by-step guide to joining League Battles.

The event has a total prize pool of 300,000 $OAS tokens, which equates to a whopping $20,000 USD in rewards at current prices.

The Early Access Celebration Event will be divided into two phases and will begin on June 16.

First and foremost, there are gameplay missions.

To complete the mission, simply play the game during the event!

Then there are the daily rewards – A piece of cake!

Every day, the first 500 players will be rewarded, with additional rewards for winning.

As an added bonus, if you invite your friends to the Early Access event, you will receive 10% more OAS tokens per person.

After logging in to the Yooldo website, you can find your invitation link address in the SETTINGS section.

Invite more friends to the Trouble Punk event and share the rewards!

The second event is the raffle.

A ticket will be awarded if you achieve top four rankings in the game twice. You can use the tickets you’ve earned to enter the raffle.

They intend to hold daily raffles for up to 5,000-10,000 OAS tokens.

Trouble Punk – Early Access Reward Schedule

During the event, there will also be special days with double rewards. (2 additional tickets for Cyber Galz NFT holders)

More information about the Early Access event can be found on the official Discord community.

How to Participate in Trouble Punk’s Early Access League Battles (for Free)

To take part in Trouble Punk Early Access events and earn rewards, you must first join League Battle Mode, which is free during Early Access.

To participate in League Battle Mode, you must have a Meta-Mask and testnet tokens. Testnet tokens are free cryptocurrency, not real-world assets, and can be claimed for free.

Trouble Punk League Battle Participation Step by Step (Early Access Version)๐Ÿ‘ˆClick

You can get your testnet tokens by following the instructions above, and they support Ethereum, Binance, and the Oasis network, which I recommend.

In my experience, receiving tokens on the Oasis Network is easier and faster than on other networks.

You’ll be able to participate in League Battle games and earn OAS token rewards by meeting the qualifications for early access events once you’ve followed our step-by-step guide.

If you require assistance while participating in the event, you can seek assistance on the official Trouble Punk community channel. Join the community channel for support and to stay up to date on all things Trouble Punk by clicking the link below.

Yooldo | TROUBLE PUNK | Cyber Galz Communication Channel

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