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In this post, we’ll show you how to sign up for Pomerium and create a wallet.

To participate in the Pome Rumble pre-registration event on p2eAll, you must first create a Pomerium wallet.

The Pome Rumble pre-registration event will include PMR tokens, diamonds, gold, special character tickets, Pome Rumble NFTs, and other rewards worth $20.

[Pome Rumble pre-registration event]

✅ Period: August 16 – August 31, 2023
✅ Pre-registration application page: https://p2eall.com/preregister/pome-rumble

To pre-register, follow the guideline step by step 🙂 It’s simple to do it!

STEP 1. Join Pomerium Space

Enter the Pomerium Space website.

Pomerium Space : https://pomerium.space/

To register, go to the Sign in menu and enter your email address.

The registered email address will receive a confirmation email with a verification code.

Please enter the code sent to your registered email address and click the Verify button.

Enter the password, user name and enter the Create Account.

Pomerium Space Sign up completed! For the next step, let’s create wallet together 🙂 Press Create Wallet Button.

STEP 2. Create Pomerium Wallet

For the security, you must install Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy Authenticator.

Please download them from the appropriate app store for your device. Once installed, proceed to the next step by clicking the Next button.

Start the Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy Authenticator app that you previously installed.

To activate the authorization code, scan the QR code or copy the code (Key Phrase).

Enter the code from your Twilio Authy Authenticator or Google Authenticator app.

Pomerium wallet creation is complete. You can copy the wallet address to the clipboard.

To join “Pome Rumble” pre-registration event on p2eAll, you must need to create Pomerium wallet address.

Once you’ve verified your wallet address, click the complete button to finish the process.

Congratulation~! You have successfully signed up for Pomerium and created a wallet.

STEP 3. How to verify wallet address

If you are completed your sign up and wallet creation successfully, you can view your wallet address by logging into your Pomerium website.

  • Select the Wallet Icon
  • The copy button at the bottom of the Total Value allows you to copy your wallet address to the clipboard
  • Go the Deposit Menu to view and copy your full wallet address

This complete the Pomerium sign up and wallet creation required for pre-registration for Pome Rumble.

Pomerium’s new puzzle RPG game – Pome Rumble – is having a pre-registration event at p2eAll. You can easily apply using your Pomerium account and wallet, so join now!!

You will be able to play Pome Rumble, Pome Survival, Pome Run, and other fun games from Pomerium’s various genres with your account.

Download it from the app store now and enjoy the adorable and cute Pomerium series.