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Recently, the P2E market is very hot.
However, users who are new to P2E games may experience difficulties from the start.
Which is the wallet(Metamask) you use for P2E games.

So, today, I will explain how to install Metamask and create a wallet, which is essential and most used when playing P2E games.

How to manage and send digital coins after installing Metamask

What’s Matemask?? New mask?? What??

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that can hold, send, and manage coins, and is an extension used as a plug-in in the Google Chrome web browser.
I will guide you on how to install MetaMask. It is not rocket science, so just follow it slowly.

1. Installing Metamask

2. Creating a wallet

3. Creating a password

4. Protecting your wallet

5. Confirming backup phrases

6. Finish Settings

1. Download and Install

Phishing sites (fake sites) are on the rise these days. So, make sure the address bar is locked, and if you see a ‘needs attention’ or ‘dangerous’ warning, you should double-check the address of the site.

You can use the link below to access the official site if you are worried!



Click the download button on the top right corner.

Metamask download

Metamask supports Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge browser, and also on iOS, and Android devices.

After setting the browser you are using click the ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome’ button.


Next step is to add it on the Chrome extension by clicking ‘Add to Chrome’ button


Then click ‘Add extension’

Once you have successfully added the MetaMask chrome extension to your browser, a confirmation page will appear to indicate the successful addition of the extension.

start Metamask

Now you are ready to begin.

2. Creating new wallet


When you click on the ‘Get Started’ tab, it will take you to the page where you will get two options. Click on the ‘Create a Wallet’ tab to proceed further.


The next page will prompt you to review MetaMask’s Privacy Policy. Click on the ‘I Agree’ button to proceed.

3. Creating a password

metamask password

Once you have proceeded further, a create password page will appear, where you need to fill in the password that you would like to keep for your crypto wallet account.

Click to agree the Terms of use then finish creating your password.

It is recommended that you create a password for strict security using uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols, and numbers.
Occasionally, hacking may put the assets in the Metamask wallet at risk. In addition, please be careful as there is a risk of being hacked when using MetaMask on a public PC and Wi-Fi in a public place.

Personally, I only access the wallet from home, you need to keep your property safe on your own

4. Protecting your wallet

Once you have clicked on the ‘Create’ button, it will take you to a tutorial video page by MetaMask. This video aims to help the users how to keep their recovery phrases and wallet safe. On completing the video, click on the ‘Next’ button given below.

MetaMask has the ability to easily backup and restore accounts using recovery phrases.

For example, if you want to use the metamask that is being used on a PC at home on a PC in another location, enter the secret words in the square box to retrieve the existing data.

Click on the blurred image to reveal the secret backup phrase for your MetaMask account.

This step is the most important one in the entire process. This step will reveal the secret backup phrase for your MetaMask account.

Once you get access to this phrase, make sure to note it down in the same sequence on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

5. Confirming backup phrases

The proceeding step would require you to confirm the secret backup phrase by arranging the words in the same sequence as they were in the original phrase. 

Once you have filled in all the words of the secret phrase in the correct order, the ‘Confirm’ button will prompt you to proceed ahead.

6. Finish settings

You’ve almost finished setting up your MetaMask account and once you proceed after hitting the ‘Confirm’ button, a screen will appear stating that you have successfully created your account on MetaMask.

MetaMask is stating it’s the individual user’s responsibility to keep your backup key phrases safe, and the account seed phrases cannot be recovered, so please do not lose them.

Simply click on the ‘All Done’ tab at the bottom to conclude the process.

Many P2E games can be connected with MetaMask and trade coin, now that you are all set to use the wallet.
Let’s pick a game and find out how to play and earn.