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Introducing the Top P2E games

Top 5 ranked as of Dec 20, 2021

P2E game top ranking

Top P2E game 1st place : The Sandbox

top p2e game, the sandbox

The Sandbox took first place in the top P2E game, which is an Ethereum-based metaverse game platform that allows you to make money using NFT. Users can enjoy, own, or monetize various games on the platform, and they can communicate with other users.

In addition, you can easily create content using the game maker tools provided by the platform without any coding required.

Top P2E game 2nd place : Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, game characters are called Axies. These are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) owned and controlled by players.

Players can form a team of three Axies and build a camp within Adventure Mode to battle monsters within the game ecosystem. Adventure Mode is a game played by a computer and a player.

Players can battle other players through the Arena mode. When you win, you get Small Love Potion (SLP) coins, which can be exchanged for cash at the exchange.

Top P2E game 3rd place : NBA Top Shot

Top P2E game, NBA Top Shot

The NFT-based game ‘NBA Top Shot’ developed by Dapper Labs is called a successful combination of NFT and sports games. ‘NBA Top Shot’ sells live video clips of impactful moments in NBA league history as NFT.

When they announced that you can own live footage of your favorite star players, the price of NFTs sold by NBA Top Shot already pointed ‘to the moon’.

By collecting the NFTs of multiple purchased players, players can build their own teams and compete against other players’ teams.

Top P2E game 4th place : The Mars: Metaverse Project

Top P2E game, The Mars: Metaverse Project

The Mars: Metaverse project ‘The Mars’, is made up of the core development team of MMO Cabal Online, which has served more than 60 countries.

The Mars is a Mars-themed metaverse game platform. Although it is still in the production stage, people around the world are already paying a lot of attention.

The Mars game player owns real estate, buys and sells goods in an urban space called ‘Colony’, and furthermore, advertisements, performances, and games, all of which can be enjoyed in the Mars Metaverse.

From artists, athletes, building owners, and influencers that you dreamed of, Mars can make your dreams come true. You can decorate your home and buildings you own (UGC) and hang out with friends.

Top P2E game 5th place : Wizardium


Wizardium is an NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain Network, a crypto-magical metaverse platform full of mysterious items and rare elements.

Within the Wizardium platform, players can earn Wizardium $WIZZY tokens by exploring the land and finding elements and minerals. We share the YouTube contents of the P2E game Wizadium using NFT below.

In addition to the above 5 Top P2E games, the P2E game I am personally most interested in these days is KlayCity. Kakao’s blockchain investment specialist Crust has decided to make an official investment in KlayCity.

KlayCity is an NFT game that selects 28 famous cities that exist in the real world based on polluted earth. It is a game project that grafts the concept of ‘money-making game (P2E)’ to virtual real estate to which NFT is applied.

They are currently preparing for minting, so if you are interested, please refer to the post below to preoccupy.

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