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Many P2E games have been released recently. In particular, mobile P2E games such as Infinite Breakthrough Three Kingdoms, Galaxy Tornado, and Thetan Arena are being released.

However, in many countries, due to the style of the game, they assume P2E games as illegal gambling games, speculations rise and result in banning the game. It is a sad situation that many users can not access P2E games.

But if there is a will there’s always a way!
The solution is using a VPN application.

1. What is a VPN?

  • When creating a private network that connects computers spread out in large groups, connecting them individually is expensive and physically insecure. So instead, it refers to building a communication system using the Internet network and encryption technology.
  • In addition, it hides the IP you are accessing and provides a service that allows you to use the Internet with a virtual assigned IP.
  • For example, if you use public Wi-Fi, your information may be exposed. If you use a VPN service, you can avoid exposing your information, and you can use a VPN when using services and contents that are only available in a specific country.
  • In Korea, P2E games are judged to be illegal, and are prohibited. It provides services as if accessing from another country.

2. Which VPN to choose and how to use it?

When you go to the app store and search for ‘VPN’. You will see a lot of VPN applications, either free or paid.


Most of the free VPN applications generate advertisements when they are executed or closed, additional functions available in paid applications cannot be used, and the network speed is limited, so it is vulnerable to programs that require high speed.

On the other hand, paid applications do not have ads. You can also select networks in several countries that provide stable services with fast network speeds.

In my personal opinion, Free version is good enough to enjoy any P2E games.

In this article, I’m going to use Windscribe VPN


After you install it, open the app first.

Then click ‘Get Started’

From the list, you can choose any city from any country if it has a heart icon beside the city, which means free. But with the free account, you are allowed up to 2GB of usage.

You can check how much data you have left on your free account at the bottom of the page.
Keep in mind, the data provided on the bottom gets renewed every month, so use it wisely 😉


After choosing the country and the city you want to be connected to, click the power button on the top right corner. Then you will see your data and wifi section change to ‘VPN’ which means you are now connected.

If you are restricted to play any P2E game due to your location, you can fire up the VPN then start enjoying the game.

If the free data is not enough you can always use paid or go app to app and use trial. Because most of the paid versions provide a free trial for x amount of days(3-7).

Below is an article about how to set up your wallet on MetaMask. If you haven’t done this yet, please take a look before you choose any P2E games.