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[TOP 20 people who invited the most friends!🎉]

As of 3 PM on Thu, September 22 (UTC),
Let’s reveal the top 20 people who invited the most friends.

📌 Check out the top 20

[Please read it]

Many times, people who joined through a referral link were left out of the scoring since they didn’t fulfill the requirements to take part in the contest.

Remind the individuals you invited via the referral link of the guidelines below to participate in order to improve your rating and win prizes!

STEP 1. Member registration and login
STEP 2. Bookmark 2 or more favorite projects registered in p2eAll
STEP 3. MyPage → My Profile → Management Wallet → Connect Wallet (Metamask or Kaikas)
STEP 4. Click MyPage → My Profile → press “How to participate” button!
STEP 5. Subscribe to p2eAll Youtube

STEP 6. Press the Check My event button to make sure that you have completed all the missions.

There’s still a lot of time left for the event. We need your participation~❤️

Thank you again for participating in the event.